This page is to help you explore the meanings behind the cards of the Tarot, the secrets of the zodiac, and other things to do with the esoteric, with articles written by Pendragon staff.

The Benefits of Meditation

June 10, 2024
We have all heard of the saying ‘mind, body and soul’.  It is very easy to find information and things that stimulate the mind and nourish the physical body, but what is your soul and how do you connect with it? You are more than your physical body, your soul is your higher self, a […]
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But, does he love me?

April 8, 2024
Women forever have consulted Tarot wanting to know. Does he love me? They perform little rituals like plucking a petal from a flower.  He loves me. He loves me not. I have a spread that I use when reading Tarot for the love-lorn. A spread where I ask the Tarot. What are this person’s thoughts, […]
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5 Secret Irish Magic Practices that actually work!

March 27, 2024
We all know of the Irish book burning, but hardly any of us really comprehend why it happened. During a time in history when many power-hungry individuals were trying to "Pinky and the Brain" the world; Irish "magic" was very much a threat. We all know from science that belief, thought and emotion all influence […]
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What to do while in the 'In-Between' Transition Times In Life?

May 14, 2022
We live in a culture that has used the masculine model of living which focuses on having everything mapped out and the destination known, which gives us certainty. However, sometimes in life we are in the "In Between" place which requires time to allow our journey to unfold. While in this process of transition its […]
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How To Use Sage To Clear Your Space

January 21, 2022
How To Use Sage To Clear Your Space, Your Home and Personal Energy We focus on looking after ourselves in life, our bodies with exercise, diets and skin care so why shouldnt we take care of our energetic bodies too? One way we can clear our energy is to burn Sage. So how do you […]
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Witches Alchemy Tips 

January 18, 2022
For more power to charge towards ones intentions and manifestations, one can align their practises to be actualized under certain energy. For instance,If we are under Venus energy, we usually feel more loving, kind, logical, patient and motherly.If one wants to attract love, then it would be wise to do ones practise under this energy or […]
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The Power of Daily Journaling Practice To Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

August 30, 2021
Have you ever wondered how to add a morning journaling practice to your daily routine?. Here is an example of how to start your day by embracing your inner self and diving into your intuition and connecting with spirit. It may be that not all of these examples will work for you in your life, […]
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Symbolism & Tarot

August 26, 2021
The universal language of Earth is symbology. Symbols and pictures are the only way to communicate that everyone on earth understands.  The creator of our universe is unbiased, and while utilising the many languages of mankind, most also use symbology to communicate because it cannot be misinterpreted.  From animals and their attributes, to pictures and […]
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Ace of Cups - Love is the Word.

August 12, 2021
The Ace of Cups means a new beginning in love - a great love. The golden chalice is filled to overflowing with beauty and sensory pleasure and gorgeous good feelings. It represents a peak experience.  The Ace of Cups is a spiritual card representing you being in flow with spirit - and so the Ace […]
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A Little Salt Magick

July 28, 2021
Salt is truly magickal, it can be used to protect, cleanse and purify, it can draw blessings or cross people and situations. Any form of salt provides intense spiritual and magickal protection but sea salt is considered to be the most potent. It’s easy enough to produce your own sea salt, collect sea water and […]
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The Divine Feminine

July 21, 2021
Ancient cultures utilised the feminine and this can be depicted within art and teachings, from Isis to Aine. Goddess traditions were very much part of ‘pre’ western culture.  We speak in personification of things like the earth and our language today still echoes these ancient traditions. Spiritual folk for example speak of the relationship to […]
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Self Love Against the Odds

July 12, 2021
Getting to the point where you love yourself truly is like climbing a cliff face barefoot with no rope. If you’ve been hurt and betrayed or perhaps your childhood wasn’t that great, then the path to loving yourself can be one shaky step forward and a few shingle-sliding steps back. The stakes seem so high, […]
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Green Juicing - What Do I Do With The Pulp?

July 7, 2021
Juices (of any kind) - It is best if juices are freshly squeezed; but if you choose bottled, canned or frozen be sure they are 100% juices and are not cocktails, drinks or "juice beverages" that are full of sugars and artificial flavorings and colours. I have my own juicer and am on a juice […]
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Body Scrub Process

July 2, 2021
We all know that our body houses our soul and that we are spirits having a human experience in this lifetime. This Body Scrub Process provides us with an opportunity to bring our focus to our body and give it thanks for providing for us each day. Our goal here is to assist the skin, […]
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The ‘Art’ of Meditation

June 17, 2021
Just like anything we learn, the more we practice, the more we gain from it. The same is for the gentle Art of Meditation. We call it an 'Art' because we must practice it. If you are a dancer, poet, athlete, chef or practice any skill that has you slowing your mind by focusing on […]
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The Fool

June 14, 2021
The Legend of the Arthurian Tarot was my first and came mysteriously where a metaphorical ‘signpost’ was rammed into the ground that would mark an awakening phase on my journey. A year earlier I had handmade some which were extremely similar and thus I was prompted to purchase. The Labyrinth symbol on my new cards […]
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A Little Air Magick

June 11, 2021
Element Air is the realm of the mind, it is our thoughts, ideas. It is the east and sunrise, a place of new things and beginnings. It is the power of spells and incantations and serves as a transmitter and messenger. Everything begins with a thought.  Words have great power, there are times we want […]
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A Little House Magick

May 31, 2021
Our homes are vital to our well being. They provide us with shelter, protect us from the elements and are a place for our families to grow and flourish. It’s a very good idea to keep our homes free of unwanted or negative energy as this will not only affect the vibration of our home […]
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The Minor Arcana - Aces

May 25, 2021
The Minor Arcana is the forerunner to the modern-day playing card deck. of 56 cards. In Tarot these are made up of four suits of 14 cards. In each suit the cards are numbered Ace to 10, plus four court cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King. Incorporating numerology and symbology gives each card in Tarot […]
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Discovering Crystals

May 25, 2021
Crystals have long been prized for their protective powers and beauty. Cultures around the world consider them sacred and their spiritual nature is witnessed by those awakened to the subtle energies of our existence. Most children are drawn to them in their innocence with a sense of wonder. The healing energies of crystals are now […]
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Aromatherapy Oils For Health and Vitality

May 17, 2021
A number of aromatherapy oils have depurative properties. The meaning of the word depurative is that these oils mentioned below assist your body to cleanse or purify itself. It can also assist in the removal of waste products from the body and support the lymphatic system. How to Use Aromatherapy Oils In Your Healthcare Regime: […]
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A Little Bit of Money Magick

May 13, 2021
There are times in our lives we can find ourselves dealing with financial problems.  Sometimes we only have ourselves to blame, but there are other times this lack of financial flow can be due to obstacles or blockages in our homes.  This can occur even when we are doing our best and watching our financial […]
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Mercury in Gemini - A Pull to Socialise

May 5, 2021
On the 3rd of May, Mercury moves into Gemini. Air is the element of Gemini with Mercury being the ruler of Gemini itself, therefore Mercury is at home when it returns to the sign of Gemini. Mercury is the messenger planet. It is the fastest planet in our solar system; representing communication, travel, thoughts, ideas, […]
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Feng Shui - Improve Bedroom Energy

May 2, 2021
A Beginners Guide To Feng Shui In the Bedroom 10 Tips To Improve Your Bedroom Energy To Attract Love Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science. It has been in use for 3,000 years. It is a body of knowledge designed to improve the balance of energies in a particular space. Consider your […]
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A Little Water Magick

April 27, 2021
About 70% of our Earth is covered with water and our body’s are around 60%. Water plays the most important role in our existence, without it there is no life. The Element Water in magick is connected with our emotions, our souls & our dream state. As an element used in magick water’s uses range […]
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Tarot Cards - the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana

April 19, 2021
A basic tarot card deck has 78 cards. The deck is divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Arcana means the secret of the mysteries. The Major Arcana represents archetypes/stereotypes/ideals of universal life experiences which myths and legends are based on. Whereas the Minor Arcana focuses more on the decisions and influences of […]
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An introduction to Tarot

April 13, 2021
A traditional tarot card deck has 78 cards each with its own imagery and symbolism. Each card represents different aspects of life, situations or personal characteristics. When read as a spread or combination of cards, the cards become a tool to create a picture that tells a story that relates to the person who has […]
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Feast Day of Saint Agabus

March 1, 2021
Did you know that there is a Patron Saint of Fortune Tellers? There is!, February 13th is Feast Day for St Agabus. St Agabus had the gift of prophecy and predicted an empire-wide famine that occurred in 49 _ the time of Claudius. Agabus is also believed to have told Paul not to go to […]
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Curious about the Future?

February 26, 2021
We are all curious about what the future holds in store for us.As every decision we make through our free will could potentially alter the course of our destiny, wouldn’t it be nice to know what may be waiting for us in the future?That’s why so many people across the nation have called the psychic […]
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