This page is to help you explore the meanings behind the cards of the Tarot
Also keep updated with the daily influences of the Moon, as it transitions the signs of the zodiac


Feast day of saint abagus

??Did you know that there is a Patron Saint of Fortune Tellers? There is!, February 13th is Feast Day for St Agabus.
St Agabus had the gift of prophecy and predicted an empire-wide famine that occurred in 49 _ the time of Claudius.
Agabus is also believed to have told Paul not to go to Jerusalem, but Paul did and wound up in the Big House.

??You can call upon Agabus to help with your divination practices, using this simple ritual.
Agabus prefers it if you acknowledge and give Grace
 to God before petitioning the Saint for his help.
Light either a purple or white candle in front of an image of the Saint, and place your tools (cards, crystal ball, etc) beside it
Ask St Agabus’s blessings that you may be given the gift of clear sight and divination, and that you may be of utmost hep to those who come to you for guidance.
Say this prayer as you pass your cards (or whatever you use) back and forth over the candle flame in the shape of the cross.
Glorious St Agabus, prophet and disciple, do not let my faith be weakened by my fears of what the future may hold. Amen. ??



Moon in scorpio

??Moon in Scorpio ??
??A highly charged and intense atmosphere with a lot going on under the surface.
We are more than normally aware of our desires and passions and may be concerned with keeping them under wraps

??THE INSTINCT: to experience the power of our deepest feelings, to let go and to transform.
??THE SHADOW: obsessive compulsive behaviour, secrecy and paranoia.



Summer Solstice

??Summer Solstice today, the longest day,

Sun into Capricorn ?? Moon in Scorpio ??.

Last new Capricorn 
 moon of 2019 on Wednesday, Dec 26, and an annular solar eclipse at 6.18pm.

Merry Christmas and a fortuitous New Year to all our new and old friends and clients.

New Zealand's own Christmas tree, ??our beloved Pohutukawa at Pendragon HQ, in her best red dress.??





The Lovers

The Lovers card indicates a relationship of significance. You may already be in that relationship or it is about to enter your life if single (surrounding cards will point to this).
This relationship will be extremely important and long-lasting. It is especially so if it is accompanied by the Two of Cups, Ace of Cups, or Four of Wands. It says that the querent and the other person in question are made for each other, a perfect fit. The love indicated by this card is not just sexual gratification or mutual attraction: it is also a deep and intimate bond between two people, which often plays out on a spiritual level as well as on the emotional and physical levels.

Occasionally the Lovers points to a love of some kind in the querent's life that is not another person, such as a career, a pastime, or a place. It indicates a deep passion for it, a yearning to be involved with it, to work on it, or to pursue it. Just as with a human partnership, the Lovers suggests that this passion is a perfect fit for the querent. It could be that they are working in a career that brings out their passion, the kind of work they love doing with all their being. It might also indicate a particular field of expertise or area of study that the querent loves so much they would want to dedicate their entire life to it.

I will delve into this card a bit more with surrounding cards that can indicate problems in a relationship. First off if the Queen of Swords appears as well, this indicates separation. Three of Swords _ a love triangle _ lying and cheating esp if other ill dignified cards appear _ the usual misfits the Devil, Seven of Swords. 10 of Swords, complete ruin of the relationship.
On the other hand if the Lovers appears with any of these cards the Ace of Cups and the three of Cups together _ a marriage proposal, the Nine of Cups is another endorsement of the relationship, the Two of Cups _ love that is true, honest and deep.
Love is not a game for the fainthearted
_ Susan Pendragon.



Gemini full moon

??Gemini Full Moon tomorrow night, The Cold Moon. Tomorrow is auspicious _ the Day of Miracles,12:12:12 (2+0+1+9=12).
Three planetary alignments Venus, Pluto and Saturn.

?? Moon in Gemini
??Changeable, light and fast energy characterises Gemini Moon. The mind is curious, inventive and busy. Communications speed up.
As Gemini moves from one pole to the other, contradictions and interruptions are likely.
??THE INSTINCT: to communicate and have fun.
??THE SHADOW: vacillation, rationalising emotions.



Moon in Taurus

A slower pace. Internal and material security needs are accentuated.
Enjoy sensual pleasures, emotional warmth and contact with the Earth.
The energy is steadfast and persistent.

THE INSTINCT: to establish self-esteem and a solid security base.
THE SHADOW: possessiveness, stubbornness and material over indulgence.



Moon in Aries

A lot of energy is available with Aries Moon. Be adventurous and start things now.
Impulsive, headstrong energy abounds.

THE INSTINCT: assertive action, individuality and independence.
THE SHADOW: denial of deep feelings and emotional needs. Lack of awareness of consequences and interdependence.




Moon in Pisces

A drifty, dreamy, yet vulnerable time. Heightened empathy and sensitivity.
Great for all mystic, magic, artistic, psychic and musical endeavours.

THE INSTINCT: to merge with others and experience Oneness.
THE SHADOW: extreme impressionability, loss of Self, the inability to set boundaries and limits.



Nine of cups

The Nine of Cups, or commonly known as the Wish Card. Your wishes fulfilled, but not the way you expect them to happen, however you will be very happy with the outcome.
The Dawn of Dreams. You are ready for everything life has to offer. Relationship-wise you understand yourself and your own needs, you no longer are willing to compromise or take short cuts and settle for less.
Your growth also allows you to love wholly and truthfully. That is wherein the prize is found. True love. You do not try and turn an incompatible relationship in to what you dream it to be because realise there are opportunities elsewhere. You are not afraid to say no to situations that offer you less than you need.
A fulfilling relationship that both partners value what they offer and receive.

You have a feeling of peace and contentment in your work environment, pride and fulfilment in a job well done. Your inner needs are being fulfilled now and you can reflect on the success you have obtained. There is happiness, content and peace within and around you.



Moon in Aquarius

Thinking is creative, inventive and concerned with humanity.
Time to welcome change and break the rules and enjoy surprises.
A friendly, intellectual Moon.

THE INSTINCT: to value the uniqueness of the individual as well as the commonality of the group.
THE SHADOW: fear of intimacy, coldness and emotional detachment.




The Seven of Cups

This card took me ages to master, I never felt quite right with the interpretations I had for it, then it came to me. This card shouts Things are not what they seem. See the seven golden cups all with glittering prizes like you are at the carnival? Which one should you choose? So what does it mean? Things are not what they seem. Do not disregard anything out of hand as something you wouldn’t be interested in because it could actually change your life and turn out to be quite different to how you expected. Or perhaps it is someone that isn’t your usual type _ Variety is the spice of life after all.  So slow down, take your time and examine things for all angles, get a second opinion if necessary. However this card is a double edged sword. Your choice to drink from the chalice and there it is,  poisoned. As the saying goes, if something too good to be true, it probably is. It could be that get-rich-scheme that does burn your fingers.

So the key to this card is: Slow down, _ you are under no pressure to make a quick decision or that the opportunity will slip from your grasp _ if it’s a scam, it will wait for you _ and you will have the confidence to say no.

Just make sure you fully understand exactly what you are getting your self into and you will be fine, and you may find that something or that someone who wasn’t your type turns out to be a blessing/great opportunity in disguise.

I will finish with the proper quote by Aleister Crowley _ now this guy embraced everything that crossed his path. To him everything was an opportunity to learn something.

Liber 333, THE BOOK OF LIES - Aleister Crowley

A red rose absorbs all colours but red; red is therefore the one colour that it is not. This Law, Reason, Time, Space, all Limitation blinds us to the Truth. All that we know of Man, Nature, God, is just that which they are not; it is that which they throw off as repungnant.