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    Our founder, Susan Pendragon, has been a psychic for over 30 years, and in that time, she's used her spiritual gifts to provide invaluable guidance to those who have reached out for help. Susan feels delighted that spirit has chosen this path for her.
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    Different psychics have various skills, which is why we employ a team of mediumistic professionals, with each member possessing a different gift. From tarot reading and astrology and clairvoyance to crystal healing, we provide all the spiritual services you'll ever require.
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    All it takes is a quick read of our testimonials to see that what we do works wonders for all types of people.

give_a_little_baby_a_heart.jpgGivealittle baby a heart

Good news

Titaha was born on the 10th of September and he had successful heart surgery.

He is doing really well and is currently in Starship hospital.

Bad news is while the family were in Auckland their home in Northland was broken into robbed and trashed.

Pendragon supports this charity - please read more here