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Celeste Star Woman

Celeste Star Woman is an International Psychic Medium who loves sharing her gifts and assisting others. Celeste was born in the UK and has lived many years in NZ and Australia. Trained at the Arthur Findlay College ( London) for advanced spiritual development, she is a platform medium, has facilitated Spiritual Services and attended many […]
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  • Testimonial for Arron

    "Today I had a first time reading with Arron. He was amazing it blew my mind. He picked things about me so accurately and told me about my personality of who I was every word was correct. I then asked about my personal life and future, he really picked on a person in my life which I had never told hjm anything about. He so accurately described this person and I straight away knew who he was talking about . He is very kind, gentle and healing, soothing too at the same time as I loved his energy. I love Arron and will surely get a reading done again if I need one. Thank you Arron for giving me so much assurance that I’m on the right path"
    May 2021
  • Testimonial for Celeste

    "I had the most amazing reading with Celeste. The most accurate I’ve ever had. She spoke of one of my guides as behind my great grandmother whose name began with M and described her fully. I went to my mums house two weeks later and saw a picture. I asked who she was and it was my great grandmother Molly. All her traits were exactly as Celeste described it. It gave me goosebumps. Thank you for your guidance and amazing gift xx"
    Anna H
    August 2021
  • Testimonial for Carol

    "Had a very insightful reading with Carol. I felt my energy lighten and shift after the reading. She was very informative and gave me good insight to some areas around my career and personal life. I felt drawn to spontaneously have this reading with her and I am so glad I did! Highly recommend Carol.."

    April 2021
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