The Benefits of Meditation

June 10, 2024

We have all heard of the saying ‘mind, body and soul’.  It is very easy to find information and things that stimulate the mind and nourish the physical body, but what is your soul and how do you connect with it?

You are more than your physical body, your soul is your higher self, a beautiful being of light, the God force of who you are. By meditating you are communicating with your soul, the highest vibration of unconditional love, you will learn to access your own innate knowledge and wisdom. Your soul knows no bounds so can solve any problem, give you a different perspective and help you create and manifest anything that you desire.  

If you wish to discover who you are - you as a soul - then the simplest way is to learn to meditate. Meditation simply means quieting the mind so you can receive from your God-self/higher self/soul whatever you need to know that will empower you or bring you benefit in some way.

Find a time and a quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts. The easiest way to get into a meditative state is through your breath. Think loving thoughts. What is your happiest memory? What makes you smile? Choose a colour like a soft gentle pink and imagine your breath being connected to your heart space. Concentrate on getting a rhythm going with your breath. Breathe in counting to seven... breathe out counting to nine until you feel your body starting to relax.

When you are in a relaxed state of mind, imagine that you are aligned to the highest vibration of who you are and whatever you receive will be for your highest good and highest growth. At first you may not receive anything or your everyday thoughts will keep distracting you. That is fine, the more you practice meditation the more you will peel back the layers of those thoughts and the easier it will become.

By making a conscious effort to meditate on a regular basis, you will find you will become more receptive to the higher frequencies or aspects of you. Allow whatever comes up for you to come up - even the bad stuff because this means the physical body or ego-self feels safe enough to bring this up so it can be acknowledged, healed and released.

A guided meditation (there are many available on the internet) will take you on a journey or visualisation so that you can be shown what you need to know. The guided meditation may allow you to meet someone like a guide, an angel, an animal totem, or give you a symbol or a sign that is relevant to your predicament or problem. There is no limitation when it comes to imagination or meditation.

When meditating everyone has a unique experience. You are the one thinking your thoughts, everything must come through your own filters and beliefs. Do not compare yourself with others as this is your own personal experience and for your own personal learning. Meditation is important because it connects you with Source, takes you well beyond the five normal senses of perception and taps you into the deepest, wisest, most beautiful, most abundant, most creative aspects of who you are.

Written by Verna

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