What You Can Learn From A Live Psychic Tarot Reading Over The Telephone

June 11, 2018

Psychic abilities vary greatly from one person to the next. While some people do not develop or demonstrate a heightened intuitive sense, other sensitive individuals are innately gifted in many psychic gifts or build these up over time. While some receive psychic information visually or from guides, others use divinatory tools, such as the tarot, to uncover answers to the future or to reveal underlying issues. Are you curious about how one of the telephone psychics at Pendragon may be able to use their talents to provide you with both answers and insights? Read on to learn how you can get started with a phone call to one of our available psychics today!

The Difference between a Tarot Reader and Other Psychics

If you are new to receiving psychic readings, you may not be sure how a tarot reader differs from other types of psychics, or just how they may be able to help. Some people are nervous to ask or are unsure if they are making the right choice. The good news is that there is no ‘wrong’ way to contact a psychic, whatever type of psychic you choose.

A tarot reader is merely a type of psychic who uses a deck of tarot cards to reveal answers to questions you may have. Other kinds of psychics receive their information in different ways, such as a clairvoyant, who receives psychic information visually, or a medium, who may work through several spirit guides to channel similar information.

When giving a psychic reading, a tarot reader will select cards from their deck and place them in a specific formation, known as a spread. They will then give their interpretation based on what cards appear in various positions in the spread. The true gift is in interpreting these spreads in a way that is relevant and accurate for you and your life situation.


A live psychic tarot reading is a fantastic way to get highly accurate answers regarding questions you may have for issues in your relationships or life in general. When you call Pendragon, you can trust that you are receiving a reading from a professional tarot reader with years of experience and skill.

At Pendragon, we have many psychic tarot readers waiting to receive your call. To get started with your first tarot phone psychic reading, be sure to visit our ‘Readers’ page to look through our list of available psychics and see where their particular skillset lies. Once you find a reader that feels right, you can call them through our 0800 or 0900 services and connect with them instantly. There’s no more simple or convenient way to get a psychic reading in New Zealand than with our telephone psychics.

Contact Pendragon today to get instant answers to the most pressing questions you have about your future and prepare to be astounded by what our psychics may reveal.

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