But, does he love me?

April 8, 2024

Women forever have consulted Tarot wanting to know. Does he love me? They perform little rituals like plucking a petal from a flower. 

He loves me. He loves me not.

I have a spread that I use when reading Tarot for the love-lorn.

A spread where I ask the Tarot. What are this person’s thoughts, feelings and intentions?

This spread offers invaluable insights, because of course, there are cards that represent commitment and those that tell me this guy is a player. You know the kind. 

My thoughts/feelings and intentions spread works well for relationships of all kinds. 

We can divine where someone is at and what that means for you. How you walk the path. Often the cards resonate with the client’s knowing.

But how else can you tell if he really loves you?

When a man really loves you he does these three things

  • Introduces you to his friends and family.
  • In the early stages of a relationship this is important. In a long term relationship you would be looking for how he introduces you - a man ought to be proud of his wife.
  • Makes advance plans with you so you know when you will see each other, and he is clear that is what he wants. Without prodding. 
  • He does things for you. Helps you with man chores. 

Often the woman is looking for the wrong signs or ignoring red flags.

The red flags are:

  • Doesn’t introduce to his friends and family. Makes excuses. It just never happens.
  • Is vague about future plans, even next week. Isn’t interested in your plans either.
  • Doesn’t help you. Or does but is annoyed.

Tarot can really help you tell the difference between genuine intentions and the dodgy kind. You can glean whether he’s in it for the long haul, or just breezing through.

Sometimes what we want we don’t get and sometimes a woman cannot see the value in what she already has. A good man is present. He cares for you. He wants to help you. He wants to make you happy and safe. He wants to hang out with you and go places with you. He names you what you are to him: partner, girlfriend, wife.

He is proud to have you on his arm.

If in doubt, give us a shout.

Written by Southern Star

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