The ‘Art’ of Meditation

June 17, 2021

Just like anything we learn, the more we practice, the more we gain from it. The same is for the gentle Art of Meditation. We call it an 'Art' because we must practice it.

If you are a dancer, poet, athlete, chef or practice any skill that has you slowing your mind by focusing on a simple action, you can relate to the Art of Meditation. 

In Meditation we don't try to quiet the mind, but rather, a quiet mind will be the result. The result of stillness in the body, of mindful breathing, of observing your thoughts as they float through your mindscape. Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to control the mind and no need to stop thought. Thought will slow automatically as a result of simple, practiced stillness over time. The more you practice, the better it gets!

If you are finding yourself stuck or suffering in any area of your life, finding a mindful practice can move you through the healing that you are needing by connecting you to your higher thought and purpose. You may even develop new ways of being, have better relationships and gain your own 'in-sights'.

There are many ways to discover meditation. Whether it's guided, self taught or one of many traditional methods, there is something out there for everyone. Any artist, sports person or performer can speak of a feeling of being 'in the flow' or a trance like state where thought ceases and our actions are propelled by a sense of grace, a sense of simply 'being'. People who use prayer/chant or practice affirmations/visioning, understand the power of stillness. All of these examples relate to a meditative state. If you've ever tried meditation and felt you were unable to achieve this elusive state, it may be that you are still looking for the right method for you. Once you find it, you will know!

It does not matter if you are advanced in your spiritual life or you are a complete beginner, having a daily practice will bring you significantly closer to your higher being. The most important part is to get started, get committed to yourself. Even if it’s only 10 minutes you have spare. Find a sacred space each day, settle into stillness and move through that urge to get up and tend to life. Give yourself the gift of Connectedness through Meditation.

Written by Kimberley

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