Feng Shui - Improve Bedroom Energy

May 2, 2021

A Beginners Guide To Feng Shui In the Bedroom

10 Tips To Improve Your Bedroom Energy To Attract Love

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science. It has been in use for 3,000 years. It is a body of knowledge designed to improve the balance of energies in a particular space.

Consider your bedroom as Your Temple of Rejuvenation. What is required is a space for creating the 'ideal' for rest and romance?.

Here are a list of questions to ask in relation about your Bedroom as it is today:

  • Have you made your bedroom into a place of calm and rejevenation?
  • Is the room clean,welcoming and uncluttered and relaxing? (smell, light,window covers, privacy?
  • Is the colouring of the room relaxing and pleasing to you?
  • Is your bed in good order with bedding that is clean and in good order?
  • Is your wardrobe ordered?
  • Are there any clothes in your wardrobe that you have not worn or you dont fit or are in need of repair? If so can they be discarded or recycled?
  • Are your clothes clean and in good order?
  • Are your drawers in good order?
  • What if any steps do you need to take in the bedroom to ensure the room is calm and a relaxing environment?
  • Make a list of the proposed chnages you would like to make and add a date for completion of these tasks.

Ten Tips:

  • The Position Of  Your Bed is Key.

It is vital not to place this piece of furniture in line with the door. Make sure your bed is approachable from both sides. This sets the space for both you and a future partner.

The best placement is often the furthrest from the door but where you can see the doorway from the bed.

Headboards ideally should be sturdy and made of either wood or upholstered.

Balance the room by adding a bedside table on both sides of the bed.

When starting a new relationship ideally a new bed and certainly new sheets freshens the energy. So treat yourself.

  • NO TV In The Bedroom

Your bedroom is a room for rest and romance. Its time to remove the TV, computers or even the treadmill in the corner. Appliances are seen as "metal" element in Feng Shui and can exhaust earth elements, so are not ideal for love and romance.

It is possible to have a TV in your bedroom, however it either needs to be covered at night or to live in a cupboard which has doors to close covering it when you are finished with using it.

  • Mirrors In Your Bedroom

If there is a mirror that faces your bed it will need to go! This can been seen in Feng Shui to deplete personal energy. So once again, if this item cannot be moved cover it during the night time.

  • In The Mood - Lighting

Use varied lighting. Have your electric lights on dimmer switches. Purchase natural ( non toxic) candles and display them in pairs creating a welcoming, soft and inviting space.

  • Make Space For Your Love

Clear space in your bedroom for your beloved to come in. It can be as simple as clearing out the bedside drawer, or extend to clearing space in the wardrobe.

  • Introduce Colour

Decorate in soothing colours. Any colour from skin colour to a rich brown. Brown colours can create a warm feeling offering nourishing and earthly sensuality. You are welcome to add touches of red to purples, however they shouldn't be the dominant colour.

  • Works of Art

Select images that reflect what you want in your life. Reflections of love, loving couples, companionship. Avoid violent pictures, and the element of water, which includes large mirrors, images of strong bodies of water or a water feature.

  • Keep Doors Closed

Keep all bedroom doors closed, including bathroom doors or closet doors.Your bedroom can be seen as a container in which you want to hold all the positive Feng Shui energy for that space with no leaks.

  • Fresh Air – Let it In!

Ensure that the windows in your bedroom are opened daily, if possible, Plants are not good Feng Shui in the bedroom.

  • Create a Love Altar in Your Relationship Corner.

Creating a love altar in your marriage and relationship corner of your bedroom. Provides you with a place to anchor your feelings and thoughts so you can become clear and specific about what you want.

To Find the Relationship Corner.

Stand at the doorway of your bedroom, and in the right hand corner is your relationship corner, You can energise the chi by hanging a pink quartz crystal on a pink ribbon.

In addition, you can collect images and symbols that encourage feelings of love within you. Spend time with your altar every day.

By making small changes to your bedroom this can revamp the energy and make your space more reflective of the love relationship you want to be in, all while attracting the joyful love relationship you seek.

Written by Sally

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