Mercury in Gemini - A Pull to Socialise

May 5, 2021

On the 3rd of May, Mercury moves into Gemini.

Air is the element of Gemini with Mercury being the ruler of Gemini itself, therefore Mercury is at home when it returns to the sign of Gemini.

Mercury is the messenger planet. It is the fastest planet in our solar system; representing communication, travel, thoughts, ideas, intellect, education and day-to-day expression. Mercury is an opportunistic planet -  quick, curious and logical.

In a birth chart, Mercury is the social director of your close relations with family, friends and those in your neighbourhood. It will also show how you communicate with others. 

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, whose communicative energy is quick, and their dialogue dynamic and witty. They are also charming, resourceful and wise. Gemini energy in the negative may appear as flaky, restless or distracted.

Mercury naturally rules Gemini, so when transiting through this sign, we can expect our communication and ideas to flow more freely or harmoniously.  When the planet of communication is in Gemini, the rapidity of our thoughts triple. We are especially communicative, sociable and curious. We may be more focused on many different topics instead of deeply researching a single topic. We are more quick with words, attracted to word-play, negotiations and exchanging ideas.

The way we exchange ideas at this time will be more logical, we can learn new things faster and we may find we have increased agility. Despite this, you may find yourself or others are more easily distracted and restless. It is easy to get overwhelmed with a Mercury Gemini transit - constantly multitasking or having a carousel of information spin in our brain. 

This transit of Mercury through Gemini may challenge us to time to step back and focus.

The same agility that makes Gemini so brilliant, also makes them change their mind constantly. We must make sure we are not directing our energy in a scattered way. 

However it is an excellent time for writing, publishing, negotiating or learning new things. It does encourage us to socialise and communicate or try new things. You may find you are more charismatic or have more energy for discussion. This is a breeze of fresh air as Mercury has just left Taurus - where we were more lazy and focused on relaxation. When Mercury was in Taurus you may have approached mental matters in a more practical, down to earth and realistic way. Now that Mercury is in Gemini, you can expand the visions that came to mind during the Taurus transit, and execute your thoughts and communication more effectively and efficiently. 

Look for where Mercury is currently transiting through your natal chart to see what area of life may have an increase in activity, opportunities and expansion.

For example - Mercury transiting in Gemini through your natal 7th house.

The natal 7th house represents close partnerships, marriage and public relations. When Mercury transits through this house, it is a pleasant period to spend time with your loved ones. You may be more indecisive as you are focused on other people and thinking about their wants and needs. Despite this, you will be more diplomatic and adept to work with others. Your thoughts will centre around a relationship or find yourself discussing topics of marriage or business partnerships. There is emphasis on communication with best friends or partners. It is a good time to talk one-on-one to resolve disagreements or difficulties that may have arisen in close partnerships. The 7th house represents business relationships, and committed romantic relationships. You may have a business or love offer, or make plans regarding either. 

Written by Beth

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