The Fool

June 14, 2021

The Legend of the Arthurian Tarot was my first and came mysteriously where a metaphorical ‘signpost’ was rammed into the ground that would mark an awakening phase on my journey. A year earlier I had handmade some which were extremely similar and thus I was prompted to purchase. The Labyrinth symbol on my new cards mirrored my own design and metaphysically means journey to self. Walking the path of a physical labyrinth is said to balance the two hemispheres of the brain taking one inward, the ultimate ‘fools’ journey.

The richly textured, tattered watercolor images have told many an archetypal ‘story’ speaking a universal language, that each reader has a perfect conversation with.  My card is a young man on an elevated vista of a rich, sunny, green landscaped valley path to a castle.  The images spoke to me of adventure, optimism, excitement and pushing limits.  

The court jester (on other tarot) was an entertainer, but contrary to common belief he wasn’t a ‘fool’. A deeper look at the court jester shows he would often create narratives to share a position, mocking the ruling class. He was able to say and share truths and question in a manner that could be safely ‘heard’ of the political climate at the time. The idea of a ‘fool’ could be argued in this context as someone that goes against the narrative and sees through, by taking a unique path of free thought. What lies beyond? How have we been ‘fooled’?  What hypocrisies?  What would we say if we were masquerading not as self where ‘truth’ could land?  Who are those ‘masquerading’ on the stage of our environment? What ‘masks’ are we using as false identities for safety?  The cards can both be the question to seek the pathway or the solution to the questions sought.

The message for our unfolding new world is to see that life is a limitless adventure, to gain the true satisfaction of being within the many facets of time and space and our relationship to the earth, each other and ultimately to ourselves and how this power, when embraced, can push the boundaries of our communities, our health and our political/socio construct as co-creators. 

Listen to the calling of your soul, fearlessly. Your soul’s GPS is the impetus to seek with ruthless self truth and courageously take actions (speaking/doing) to bring forth your vision.

Written by Carol

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