Self Love Against the Odds

July 12, 2021

Getting to the point where you love yourself truly is like climbing a cliff face barefoot with no rope. If you’ve been hurt and betrayed or perhaps your childhood wasn’t that great, then the path to loving yourself can be one shaky step forward and a few shingle-sliding steps back. The stakes seem so high, one wrong decision and you could have to start all over. One blind choice and you could unravel.

Don’t look down. 

The Tarot can remind you to shine your valuable energy on yourself. To show self care and compassion and be your own champion. The cards fall and remind you to feed your passions, obey your intuition, take that creative risk, clear the swords from the heart, deal with sorrow, be imperfect and feel your power.

In the Ace of Cups a magnificent golden chalice is handed to you. A downward dove indicates divine love pouring universal energy into your cup and the five overflowing streams represent your senses. This cup is invaluable. It speaks of the seeds of great happiness, of experiences that make your heart swell with fullness. It’s the days when you feel blessed and lucky. It is filled with your sensory self. And I like to think of the Ace of Cups as a self love card. A spiritual card of truly feeling your value irrespective of accolades of failures. Your value as a spiritual being. Loving yourself is as simple as that. Loved simply because you exist, like a flower, or a tree. 

A chalice you carry with you everywhere. Being selective about what goes in and protecting the contents gained and garnered.

When the Queen of Cups holds her chalice it is filled with her experiences in love - all the facets. How she mothers and loves, all the sunsets and bush walks and long baths and right choices and lessons learned. Even the sweetness of grief is distilled in her chalice. The Queen of Cups will never let anyone knock her cup over again. It simply won’t happen. Though sometimes it does. 

There are many cards in the Tarot calling you to deepen your experience of self. Through knowing yourself, loving yourself - caring for your beautiful soul and sacred journey is perhaps why you are here on Earth. 

Love yourself.

Written by Southern Star

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