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We offer a full range of services: Psychic, Clairvoyance, Tarot, Mediumship, Clairaudient, Astrology, lost animals, Maori protocol with regards to spirituality.
Healing work and energy rejuvenation through Crystal healing, Chakra balancing, Vibrational healing & Energy clearing. Our readers are committed to helping with whatever issues need to be resolved, with the help of spirit.

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Gain a New Perspective on Your Problems with Tarot Readings by Professional NZ Readers

Do you ever wonder what direction your life is heading, or whether you're making the right choices? What if you face multiple diverging pathways, and you can't decide which one is the best route to take? Figuring these things out all on your own can be tough and even a little scary. You can find the guidance you need, though, if you turn to the mystical power of the Tarot. For centuries, the powerful divination made possible by professional tarot readings has provided illumination and enlightenment for many seeking to understand more about where the story of their life is going.

Pendragon Psychics & Tarot offers a comfortable and accessible way to call in and receive professional tarot readings in NZ. There's no need to make a long distance international call or to speak to someone who has no real connection to you. Instead, you can rely on the friendly, professional, and trusted readers who work under our banner. Speak to someone closer to home who understands your background and what you need regarding guidance.

How do you phrase a question for professional tarot readings?

When you want a tarot reading, what should you keep in mind? The question is an essential part of the entire reading process — without a good question, your answers can be murky and more challenging to interpret. Here are a few basic tips to help you formulate good queries to hold in your mind during a tarot session.

Choose questions that are open-ended, rather than demanding a clear black and white answer. Tarot works in complex ways, and you're unlikely to receive a straight answer from the cards. Instead, focus on approaching your question from the side. Rather than ask if you will get the promotion you want very badly, try to ask about what could be helping or hindering you in your progress. Remember, the tarot deck tells a story. You should seek to understand where you are in your own story. Look to ask questions that will give you answers involving signs or sequences of events to watch for in your life. This way, you and your tarot readers can get to the heart of the issue more quickly and draw the cards that will speak volumes.

Put our experience to good use for your questions

If you still aren't sure exactly how to think of the question you want to ask, just ask one of our local NZ professional tarot readers when you ring. We can help guide you through the entire process. If you're a veteran to tarot readings and already know exactly what you want to ask, that's fine too! We welcome all who seek new forms of knowledge and understanding about their lives. We have many booking options available right here on our website, including the ability to book in advance via PayPal. Before your appointed session, we'll call or text you a confirmation. It's that simple.

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