Feast Day of Saint Agabus

March 1, 2021

Did you know that there is a Patron Saint of Fortune Tellers? There is!, February 13th is Feast Day for St Agabus.

St Agabus had the gift of prophecy and predicted an empire-wide famine that occurred in 49 _ the time of Claudius.

Agabus is also believed to have told Paul not to go to Jerusalem, but Paul did and wound up in the Big House.

You can call upon Agabus to help with your divination practices, using this simple ritual. Agabus prefers it if you acknowledge and give Grace to God before petitioning the Saint for his help.

Light either a purple or white candle in front of an image of the Saint, and place your tools (cards, crystal ball, etc) beside it. Ask St Agabus’s blessings that you may be given the gift of clear sight and divination, and that you may be of utmost hep to those who come to you for guidance.

Say this prayer as you pass your cards (or whatever you use) back and forth over the candle flame in the shape of the cross. "Glorious St Agabus, prophet and disciple, do not let my faith be weakened by my fears of what the future may hold. Amen."

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