5 Secret Irish Magic Practices that actually work!

March 27, 2024

We all know of the Irish book burning, but hardly any of us really comprehend why it happened.

During a time in history when many power-hungry individuals were trying to "Pinky and the Brain" the world; Irish "magic" was very much a threat.

We all know from science that belief, thought and emotion all influence our perceptions and reality massively.

This takes us into Quantum Physics and the double-slit experiment (check it out if you don't know what I'm talking about), with that in mind,

I really wanted to uncover and share with you some of my Irish family's practices and how they are truly based in science and real outcomes.

1 Money + Abundance

The Irish knew that our subconscious mind creates our reality.

My Irish great grandfather put coins in every corner of his house (funny thing is, the Chinese also did this - and they aren't exactly similar to the Irish!)

When walking around your home your subconscious sees coins everywhere and thinks WOW, I'M RICH!

This helps manifest and attract money to yourself. This also helps you realise how blessed and grateful you can be, which moves us onto the next practise......

2 Gratitude

All my Irish family practised giving thanks before eating. This means that each person at the dinner table would say thank you to the cook, to the food, and to the creator for how blessed we are.

Giving thanks is one thing, but truly feeling it is another. It's true that gratitude makes us considerably happier, less stressed, more successful, and attracts more great things to us (because, duh, at least we actually appreciate them and they won't go to waste!)

Don't just say thanks, but feel thanks.

The reason we do this before eating is because we are then consuming the frequency we just created. How beautiful and helpful is that? Double-power! Speaking of powerful, check out this next clever practise...

3 Wall Hangings

Irish Bedtime Blessing Celtic Cross Abbey Press Stone-Look Resin – House of Claddagh  Irish Collections

Ever had an Irish friend or family member?

Notice all the positive and thankful wall hangings they have around their home?

This is once again for conscious and subconscious programming.

Belief shapes your reality, and if you have beautiful pictures and words hanging around your home assisting you in manifesting your heaven - well you're going to be the winner of your life SUPER FAST ????

Speaking of words...

4 Singing

Singing positive words and songs supercharges their effect.

The Irish were ALWAYS singing!

Not only are you actually bringing the words forth into real existence, rather than letting them suffocate away inside your mind, but you are also fuelling them with serotonin which gets released when singing.

Serotonin produces feel-good ENERGY which drives forth what you are singing.

Try listening to songs that help you manifest what you want, or need to heal, and make sure you're singing them so they actually make it into the real world. (Silent prayer should not be a thing)

5 Writing

The Irish are always writing and taking notes.

This helps manifest too, since you have placed an intention and then brought it forth through writing.

All of my family members wrote things down, in the morning and at night.

My grandmother wrote down her prayers and intentions in the morning, and my grandmother was super successful - she owned two businesses and ended up living in a million dollar home. She was also kind, generous and patient.

Writing works.

This not only clears your mind, but helps you recharge your goals and focus. How do you want to feel? What are your goals? What needs to be done tomorrow?

I'm sharing these with the hopes that you will look at "magic" differently and come to the gnosis that you are incredibly powerful, so long as you set your intentions properly.

Written by Karissa

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