What to do while in the 'In-Between' Transition Times In Life?

May 14, 2022

We live in a culture that has used the masculine model of living which focuses on having everything mapped out and the destination known, which gives us certainty.

However, sometimes in life we are in the "In Between" place which requires time to allow our journey to unfold.

While in this process of transition its easy to get into the emotion or drama of not being where you want to be.

Here are some suggestions to assist you to progress during this time are as follows:

  • Don't miss out on the process. It provides you time, space and a window in which to enter fully into the opportunity to create and to gain clarity.
  • Understand you are not being punished. You are not being left behind. Find the open door when the past door has closed.
  • Allow yourself to enter deep visioning work and see endless possibility that is unfolding.
  • This process is something that will come to an end, so you can get clarity for the new thats coming into your life.
  • Use journalling daily as a to tool to support you to focus on manifesting the future that you do want to create.

Be Aware of Self Judgement:

How this shows up:

  • Making the process wrong.
  • These are uncertain times, let yourself break through it gently.
  • Relate to the process or transformation as if it were a season.Each season has its own mood and is glorious in its own nature.Enjoy it.


  1. The time provides you with time and space to focus on you!
  2. Enjoy it.
  3. It's preparation for whats coming.
  4. Its here for a reason. Rest, find the joy, take a nap, its a time between two worlds.Its a pause in life.

6 Steps To take To Allow you to Journey through the "In Between" time.

  1. Be present in the here and now moment.
  2. Ask for Divine Guidance.
  3. Trust that if answers aren't here now – contemplation, journaling, taking a bath will all assist you to  get into the feminine flow energy.
  4. Connect with a Mentor. Get an outside objective opinion.
  5. Live it, (don't make a life of it!)
  6. Relax into it, be inventfull and willing to step into your path or mission in life when the way forward is revealed.


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