A Little Salt Magick

July 28, 2021

Salt is truly magickal, it can be used to protect, cleanse and purify, it can draw blessings or cross people and situations. Any form of salt provides intense spiritual and magickal protection but sea salt is considered to be the most potent.

It’s easy enough to produce your own sea salt, collect sea water and strain it into a large saucepan - do this to remove any debris that may be in the water. Then just simmer the water away until only the salt remains. In magickal work any salt can be used but the closer it is to its natural state the more energy it provides. 

Salt can be used for abundance. In ancient times Roman soldiers were paid with salt, hence the saying “a man is not worth his salt”. It is said to always have salt in your house, even if you don’t eat it much. No salt in the house there will be poverty in the house and money will cease to flow. 

Salt for Abundance

Wash your hands with salt to bring in money, pour sea salt into your wet hands and rub the salt all over them, front and back and between the fingers. Rinse it off and let your hands air dry. You can do this daily or weekly as you choose. 

Simple Protection from a Person 

Take a small screw top jar and half fill it with sea salt, on top of this place a photo of the person, if you don’t have a photo write their name and any information you have on a piece of paper. Put this face down on the salt in the jar. Pour more salt into the jar filling it almost to the top. Next place a stone or pebble on the top of the salt and screw the lid on tight. Burn a black candle on the top of the lid and let it burn out completely then place the jar away where it won’t be disturbed. 

Don’t Come Back 

If you have someone come to your home that you would rather didn’t come back to, use salt. Once they have crossed the threshold of your door when leaving, throw salt onto the ground behind them. Take a broom and sweep the salt all the way to the curb and then out onto the road. Before you re enter your home, brush yourself off with the broom, enter your home and leave the broom behind the door. 

Salt sprinkled on window and door sills is very protective, keeping unwanted energies and entities out. Salt will also shut down your psychic centres, so if you find yourself overwhelmed by these energies make something to eat that has salt in it, like a tomato sandwich for example. It will ground you. 

Salt is a powerhouse. It guarantees our blessings, preservation and protection. Salt will hold our prayers and petitions or absorb unwanted energies. Salt is a double edged sword; it can bless or curse or cut away crossed conditions like the blade of a knife.

Salt is powerful to use and easily available.

Written by Paula

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