Witches Alchemy Tips 

January 18, 2022

For more power to charge towards ones intentions and manifestations, one can align their practises to be actualized under certain energy. For instance,If we are under Venus energy, we usually feel more loving, kind, logical, patient and motherly.If one wants to attract love, then it would be wise to do ones practise under this energy or another similar energy. 

To further amplify ones intentions, we can add suitable colors, items and music to the practise. For instance, if one wants to attract more happiness and fun, then one could use the color yellow, have yellow flowers and daisies, and add very happy music to their practise. The most important aspect of alchemy is understanding that everything has an energy, and doing your best to align your spiritual self with the physical goal. To bring the physical into your practise helps cross the bridge between spirit and worldly.

Environment plays a huge role in whether an outcome will be successful or not, don't overlook how your environment makes you feel, and whether it fits into your intentions or not.

One can find the planetary alignment at this site for free: https://www.lunarium.co.uk/planets/hours.jsp

Written by Achlamah

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