Discovering Crystals

May 25, 2021

Crystals have long been prized for their protective powers and beauty. Cultures around the world consider them sacred and their spiritual nature is witnessed by those awakened to the subtle energies of our existence. Most children are drawn to them in their innocence with a sense of wonder. The healing energies of crystals are now widely recorded and easily accessible.

The concept that bare stone can undergo immense pressure and evolve into stunning arrays of colours and textures, speaks to us of our own ability to evolve under life’s pressures. The flaws that create rainbows, phantoms and rutilations reflect our own imperfections and create character within, depicting beauty and uniqueness. Obtaining crystals is relatively easy but how do we choose? How do we know which stone is right for us or our loved ones? Learning how to interact with crystals in your own way is part of this journey.

Most people will know immediately which stone they are drawn to, little research will be needed, they will just see it standing out among the many to choose from. When you pick one up it may heat up quickly in your palm, feel tingly or seem to shine as though it has awakened. If you are purchasing your crystals online, a helpful method is to use a colour system. Most crystals will correspond by colour to your chakras (energy system). The rainbow created from our base chakra through to our crown is a fantastic way to gauge which Crystal can be helpful to purchase for ourselves, or as a gift. Simply read about each chakra, then choose a coloured stone that resonates with the part of our system that needs attention. If you do buy a stone and it doesn’t feel quite right, it may need to be handed on to someone who would benefit from it’s healing energies. 

Learning how to use the different varieties is another helpful step e.g. Crystals for your home, Crystals for wearing, Crystals for holding and cleansing your Crystals. There are so many options for clearing, healing and protecting both you and your environment. Once you are on your path, you may even learn how to use them to directly invoke, remove and manifest vibrations in and around you. Crystals are here to support, inspire and engage us. If you are feeling the urge, allow this mineral kingdom in to enhance your world.

Written by Kimberley

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