The Divine Feminine

July 21, 2021

Ancient cultures utilised the feminine and this can be depicted within art and teachings, from Isis to Aine. Goddess traditions were very much part of ‘pre’ western culture.  We speak in personification of things like the earth and our language today still echoes these ancient traditions. Spiritual folk for example speak of the relationship to “our mother earth”.

The feminine is all about nurturing, love, care, honor, intuition and creativity. It is the builder of the family, the listener and often, like the mother cat, the protector.

What has happened through time is that the female archetype has been put to a lower status or standing in how we see ourselves and how we have been shown to interact or be. This is related to things like mind understanding (learning) and how we see the world through facts, figures and through science. The Male Archetype is about action, aggression, doing and thinking. It is about power. Often money, identity and competition could be words that relate to this archetype.

As we have traveled through as a species,within our culture we have unwittingly undermined the feminine ‘being’ and promoted the masculine ‘doing’.

In spiritual circles we come to understand that the balance of divine masculine and divine feminine within is the ideal and to get there we clear stuck emotions from events and realign our position of who we are and what is our influence. We don’t use manipulation whether known or unknown and we use our voice to travel and align with actions that are utilising both of these archetypal energies within. We use our hearts with good reason.

When it comes to our more intimate relationships, not gender specific, we are often imbalanced. For example, women typically seek security, while men typically don’t share their emotions.  When we have integrated the divine feminine within homeostasis our relationship to others is able to be more present and in so doing our relationship with ourselves.

This is a big subject and the balancing is a journey, however now more than ever intuition and heart is getting a greater footing as the world has called it forth. For we have come to a sticky situation in the evolution of humanity where identity (ego), competition etc are not aligned with the Divine Feminine heart. Rapid change towards balance is something we all should be active in as ‘cells’ of the whole.

Written by Carol

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