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Be confident about finding the answers you need from a reading with me!


Hi, I’m Michelle – Welcome to my page Smile

You’re going to get accurate information from an experienced reader who’s able to speak directly to your concerns and provide certainty - all you need to tell me is your first name.

I’m able to draw upon a wide range of skills to assist you and quickly deliver results.

How does it work?

When I read for you I’ll expertly combine your cards with psychic energy impressions, clairvoyant visions & channelled spirit messages to give the answers you’re seeking.

How does this help you?

Your reading can offer Guidance to:

  • Reveal the truth so you can banish doubt and anxiety
  • Answer questions from the past, then you’ll never have to wonder - what if?
  • Explain the present, so you're not wasting time or energy trying to guess what's really going on
  • Provide future insights & present possibilities you never knew existed

Call me if you want clarity about your choices and support in your situation.

By the end of our call you’ll know exactly how to navigate what’s ahead with confidence.
Speak with you soon!


Tuesday 6th April, 6pm - 11pm
Thursday 8th April, 6pm - 11pm
Saturday 10th April, 9am - 1pm
Sunday 11th April, 6pm - 11pm

Credit/debit card: 0800 73 63 72
Direct Dial: 0900 99 0 99

Calls cost $3.99 p/min +GST

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The online booking service is for clients wanting to use a credit or debit card. For your convenience you can use the booking form below to book a reading in advance with Michelle.
Please refer to Michelle's shifts below on the booking form for her availability.

Payment for online bookings: At the start of your appointment one of our friendly office personnel will call to complete your card details, this will only take a couple of minutes.
You can then begin your reading.

Note: You are only charged for the time spent with the reader, no additional costs or booking charges apply.

  • Book a time that suits you
  • we will confirm the booking and then
  • call you at the appointed time
  • simple!

Michelle has developed a loyal following of valued clients with her accurate, enlightening forecasts and as one of Pendragon’s most requested readers, she is often booked in advance.

At peak times, this can make it difficult to speak to her via the 0900 service. To ensure you receive a reading with Michelle we recommend you book by calling our office @ 0800 73 63 72 or use the online service below.

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Testimonial for Michelle

"Michelle was very accurate in my reading with what my situation was and what his true intentions were. I was never looking into opening up until I took the courage and listened to her advice.
Now I feel great and light hearted thanks to her. Thank you so much Michelle, will definitely be coming back for another reading soon!

April 2020

Testimonial for Michelle

"Wow! She said the person will show up at that night and the person did! Thanks!"

March 2020

Testimonial for Michelle

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have my niece & daughter choose to come through to Michelle while I was on the phone to her. I feel such gratitude towards Michelle for acting as our connection point. Although this is an incredibly raw & painful time for my family & I, I take strength, courage & also comfort from the message my niece and daughter have relayed to me through Michelle.
I feel so blessed to have Michelle as my point of contact for today's connection/message to/from my beautiful darling daughter and my beautiful little niece & I feel so blessed that my niece and daughter chose to come through to Michelle.
Thank you so very much to Michelle, my daughter and my niece. I am always thinking of you both, I always have and always will love you both. I will always keep looking for your signs xxx"

Auckland connection

February 2020

Testimonial for Michelle

"Michelle. You couldn't have been more accurate about my situation. Thank you so very much for your reading. I will definitely be turning to you again. A heartfelt energy from you as well"


April 2020

Testimonial for Michelle

"Thank you Michelle. You have been a trusted go-to during difficult times. Your guidance has reassured me and been a real comfort. Keep doing the work you do. Thank you again."

August 2019

Testimonial for Michelle

"Extremely accurate reader, amazing what she picked up in just ten mins! Highly recommend :)"

Denise, Wellington
October 2019

Testimonial "Clear Vision"

"Michelle was very accurate in my reading with what my situation was and what his true intentions were. I was never looking into opening up until I took the courage and listened to her advice. Now I feel great and light hearted thanks to her. Thank you so much Michelle, will definitely be coming back for another reading soon!"

Lucy, Auckland

April 2020

Testimonial "Genuine, Sincere & Accurate"

"I want to acknowledge Michelle fully. She is indeed genuine, sincere and accurate. The questions posed to her were extensive, without reservation and spanned all facets of my life. Michelle dealt with each aspect in detail and provided an excellent appreciation of everything. It was exceptionally good because some of the information fed no one else knew except me. Thank you so much and this is an unequivocal expression of thanks from heart and soul. Accordingly Michelle is endorsed and recommended to the world, whomever requires spiritual, true hindsight, insight as well as foresight."


Testimonial for Michelle

"Unbelievable, Michelle is so accurate,goes straight into the reading,doesn't muck around,lovely with it. One genuine reader.
Will always request Michelle."

September 2019

Testimonial "Heartfelt Guidance"

"Wow what can I say. Michelle thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's been a tough year but with your heartfelt guidance and talent as a very accurate and gifted reader I have trusted myself to navigate this journey called life and am experiencing more "delight" in each and every moment as I allow myself to meet and match energies. I'm so appreciative of your genuine heart and delivery of spirits guidance for my personal growth and expansion" Much love and light to you sweet soul and again thank you."

Kindest regards,


Testimonial for Michelle

"Michelle is full of radiance that permeates through her as a channel from the universal power source, Yahweh or God. Her genuine loving sensitive nature warms the soul. And each reading hones in on all the relevant points that always guides accurately with insight and precision. I unreservedly recommend her to anyone seeking answers, love and light. Satisfaction guaranteed."



Testimonial for Michelle

"Michelle you were amazing! You were sincere in your reading , accurate and gave me great guidance in such a short time . I feel very empowered thank you!"


Testimonial for Michelle

"Over the past decade I have had numerous readings with Michelle. In that time, there is an incredible consistency of the information that comes forward, wisdom and insights that are relevant and accurate. There have been multiple occasions where the messages have touched deeply and opened up old emotions.
Michelle has a such a high level of empathy, clarity and compassion to hold a loving and safe space that enables these messages to be received, felt and understood at deep, sometimes ancient, levels. In doing so, it has meant I've been able to process and integrate incredible wisdoms into my daily life.
My respect and trust in Michelle now sees me contacting her on a regular basis - I see her (and 'them upstairs') more like a business coach/mentor these days, checking in whenever I feel I need a solid, wise and insightful person to get clarity about what is going on in my world. Michelle truly has an incredible gift and I am deeply in gratitude to her generously sharing it with the (my!) world!"

G.G, Nelson