Exceptional Tarot Card Reading Service By Professional Psychics in NZ

June 11, 2018

You have always been interested in psychics and tarot cards ever since you were a child. A neighbour practised with a beautiful deck, and you always wanted to know how she knew what each card meant. Now an adult, your draw towards psychic readings and tarot cards has only strengthened. While there are many imitators, Pendragon Psychics and Tarot is NZ’s most experienced and qualified group of psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, and spiritual guides. We offer confidential tarot card reading services to NZ over the phone. When you’re ready to call for your reading, a seasoned psychic from our team can introduce you to tarot cards. We have clients throughout NZ who return to us for our accurate and useful analysis and guided reflection.

Quench Your Curiosity at Pendragon Psychics and Tarot

Curiosity is a regular part of healthy human development. Turning to a tarot card reading service in NZ does not mean that you are turning your back on the belief systems that raised you. Quite the contrary, exploring tarot cards through a skilled psychic grants you the opportunity to learn the similarities between religion and spirituality from a trained professional instead of the mountain of conflicting folklore available online. Our tarot card readings are interpreted by psychics native to NZ which we believe is a contributing factor in providing the most relevant readings. When a psychic reads tarot cards, they work with a deck of 78 cards suited similarly to a standard playing card deck. Each card represents a spiritual lesson or archetype, many of which parallel vital aspects of modern religions.

While the formation of cards may vary, each card is uncovered in a specific order that unveils a story relevant to your current enquiry. This approach is particularly helpful for gaining insight into your present life and what factors are truly influencing your situation. While each card has a foundational meaning, our tarot card reading service for NZ spiritualists teaches you how to apply the standardised definitions to circumstances and conditions in your life. When we remind you that “The Fool,” for example, is present in a scenario causing problems at work, you are receiving a hint on how to approach the circumstances based on the standard characteristics of the Fool archetype.


Our psychics don’t use tarot cards in NZ to pull outlandish predictions out of nowhere. Our purpose isn’t to tell you that your future is full of happiness and send you on your way. Instead, we rely on the guidance from our unique cosmic connections to lead you further along your unique path toward fulfilment. Some of our psychics use tarot cards, while others use alternative methods to provide guidance. Therefore, explore sessions with multiple guides until you find a medium that connects with your essence. Once a connection is established, use our tarot card reading service available by phone throughout NZ whenever you feel stuck or are unsure about the direction your life is taking.

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