Curious about the future?

We are all curious about what the future holds in store for us.
As every decision we make through our free will could potentially alter the course of our destiny, wouldn’t it be nice to know what may be waiting for us in the future?
That’s why so many people across Aotearoa have called Pendragon to access the very best Psychic & Tarot readers.

Read on to discover more.

Life is full of obstacles that we have no choice but to overcome, but it's not always straightforward to face challenges head-on without help.
You need to look at all the possible angles and outcomes.
This is where a reading can shed light on the path ahead.
Sometimes, stress and the feeling of uncertainty can drag our moods down to the point of adversely affecting our relationships and work life, but there are ways to take back control and make the big decisions that will have a positive impact.

Pendragon Psychic readings have helped thousands of people gain insight and take back control of their future.
Pick up the phone today and let one of our professional Clairvoyants utilise their gifts to your advantage!

"You’re truly amazing!! You have picked up on things that only I had known and somehow aligned with my thought pattern!
I feel a lot more confident, abundant and clear after I have spoken with you!"
– S.S. Auckland

"Awesome reader, we connected straight away, things I hadn't seen coming suddenly made sense giving me a new direction" - G.B. Napier

“I would like to thank the reader for the insights I got around my career, I was stuck in a rut but now I can see a way forward, thanks again” – S.C. Auckland

EASY OPTION to contact a Psychic or Tarot Reader

 Call our freephone number to book or enquire
Calls cost $3.99 p/min +GST .

0800 73 63 72 - credit/debit card - POLi  pay - enquires 

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