Testimonial for Michelle

"Michelle you were amazing! You were sincere in your reading , accurate and gave me great guidance in such a short time . I feel very empowered thank you" 🥰
"I had the most amazing reading with Michelle. She is lovely and so friendly. She put my mind at ease and I'm so happy with my reading. She is so highly recommended. I'll be back!! Megan
M. June 2023
"Michelle bridged the Gap between the living and the deceased. She connected to the love of my life since we were 16 and after 40years was taken in a heartbeat. Michelle gave me light when there was only darkness and heartache
A, June 2021
"Even tho we haven't met, I love Michelle. She is just an awesome human being. ❤ During our reading, I feel her warmth and compassion. She is patient with my questions and ignorance, and we often share a laugh 🤣 As always, her professionisum, accuracy, and honesty as a physic medium is outstanding. What more can I say? Thanku so much Michelle for you help in contacting my soul mate. Xx
Nita. Dec 2022

Testimonial for Southern Star

"Southern Star is amazing, she was straight into the reading, and guided me in the right direction for the summer season. I highly recommend Southern Star she is an amazing soul."
Udy, Invercargill
"I received a great reading from Southern Star and gained a lot of clarity. I liked her humble and gentle approach during times of stress in my life."
M, Auckland
"Southern Star is fantastic, she has been incredibly accurate in reading for me she has a great sense of humour, but her accuracy is incredible."
S P, Auckland
"Good reading, very accurate -as others I've had on this site, lovely lady and easy to talk with."
D, Wellington, October 2019

Testimonial for Carol

"Had a wonderful reading with Carol this morning she is a awesome reader, thankyou so much for your help today. Many blessings to you, your many gifts you have spiritually will help not only yourself on your life journey but many other people as well, once again thankyou Carol enjoyed the awesome reading, all the best to you too in your own life, have a awesome weekend"
Z. Christchurch
"You’re truly amazing!! You have picked up on things that only I had known and somehow aligned with my thought pattern! I love coming back to you everytime for guidance. I feel a lot more confident, abundant and clear after I have spoken with you. God bless you! And thank you for sharing your magical gift with the world. Love, S"
S.S. Auckland
"I just want to thank Carol for her generous support. She has been a kind and wise guide. I am grateful for her ability to discern the emotional truth and to convey it respectfully. Thank you Carol."
S. Taranki
"Thank you so much Carol. You were so compassionate & quite accurate with my reading. You offered me so much clarity. Will definately ring you again for another reading"
J. C. Taupo

Testimonial for Verna

"Had a reading with a reader Verna regarding my business. The reading was very accurate and my way forward was made clearer. Thanks Verna I will be calling again"
B R, Taranaki
"Thanks for your reading yesterday, it was spot on and I'm pleased I took your advice"
"I would like to thank Verna for the insights I got around my career, I was stuck in a rut now see a way forward, thanks again Verna
S.C. Auckland
"She was spot on! She saw my situation without me telling about it. She saw all the aspects and factors concerned. She also showed care and concern to me. Thank you!

Testimonial for Julie

"Hi my reading with Julie was clear and accurate, she was very understaning and helpful. She also had a warm and honest approach, I really appreciated the reading. Thank you"
M. M. Wellington
"I just want to thank Julie for her insight and wisdom. It really helps my world make sense and helps with making good decisions"
"Just like to share with Julie that a message was left on my phone yesterday afternoon, but I didn't read till this morning at work that my house has sold and for the amount that I was wanting. Thank you so much for your guidance. Yay!, Yuss! Boom!
P.R. Auckland
"Thank u for a lovely reading it gave me some peace, u were very accurate and I enjoyed the reading very much can't thank u enough cheers"
Wendy H. Thames

Testimonial for Diana Rose 6.30pm-10pm

"Feeling blessed. Lovely positive reading with some wise warnings and advice. I was having such a hard time in life until I talked to you tonight Diana Rose. You've lifted me up. Thank you so much."
Karen May 2023
"Diana Rose is truly a prophet, twice a month I contact her for advice and guidance on my business issues negative and positive. She is my business mentor and advisor who has been there for me thru the hard times of starting a new and unique business. Every reading with her has been mind blowing and opened my eyes and heart to the tunnel vision I had inherited as a human. Diana Rose as a clairvoyant is magical and truly is seeing and speaking to my dear ones that have departed as only myself and my dear ones know the information she provides. I have tried every 0900 psychic online and Diana Rose has been the only reader that has been able to read me and my issues without having to ask question after question for the reader to tell me my cards story, I ring for a general reading and think my questions in my mind and this lady has always, always given me my answers to the questions I had in my head. Questions she was never told nor did she ask. For me, this makes this reader unique and very real and true. Give Diana Rose a call and let her tell you what you need to know, follow her advice and guidance and watch abundance enter your life, watch chaos disappear and more importantly let your dear ones speak to you through her. Diana Rose is the best of the best, I know because I have tried every 0900 reader in NZ. Bless you Diana Rose and Pendragon for such a woman.
Bronwyn, May 2022
"I asked Diana rose to help me uncover my own deeper thoughts and feelings around a possible shift in living. What my rationale mind covers is my feelings and emotions. A condition learned early which is now something I want to have in whole and upfront. So with the skills of tarot and feelings Diana showed me my complete thinking. Thank you. I am open to accepting myself in a complete decision process
Regards L.B
"I have done psychic readings with a vast number of physics that includes online as well. Diana Rose was the first psychic whose prediction on date of contact came to pass spot on"
Subs Feb, 2022

Testimonial for Cat

"Cat's readings are authentic and heartfelt. Never experienced a reading like hers before. Her readings are done empathetically and with love. Cat is truly has amazing talent to get to the heart of the reading."
"I'm blown away with that reading. I felt that Cat understood my situation and told me what I needed to know, not what I wanted to hear. Very helpful during a confusing time in my life"
S. Auckland
"Cat is a lovely reader she is accurate, on the spot and does not waste time. She is honest and gives you clarity"

Testimonial for Dewi

"I have had a few readings with Dewi and have found her to be very accurate, compassionate and understanding about my situation. I appreciate her honesty and encouragement. Always feel a lot better after talking to her" Thank you Dewi.
Karen, March 2024
"Dewi's reading was exceptional in accuracy and guidance. Her insight and ability to interpret the real issue was amazing, Thankyou"
G.H. May 2023
"So glad I called. Dewi was able to hone in immediately to the issue at hand and offered insight that made amazing sense of a confusing situation. Her comments were truly helpful and beautifully articulated"
R.W. October 2023
"I'm pleased to have had a reading from Dewi. She clarified and showed me what I was running away from. What actually is happening in my life and what I should do. She was spot on with many things and very neutral understanding no judgmental and empathetic. I highly recommend her"
L.B. August 2023

Testimonial for Susan

“Please pass on my gratitude to Susan, I have had several tarot card readings from her and she was so accurate as to my situation and how I should navigate things. She also gave me timely warnings about those I could trust and those I couldn't which saved me a hell of a lot of grief. I couldn't have done things without her guidance. I am now a firm believer in the tarot, she was worth every cent”
"Wow, you really are the master! Thank you for such an insightful, powerful reading."
M.W. October 2023
"I had a WONDERFUL experience with Pendragon Psychics and Tarot. I've had several readings and all were thoughtful and informative- it's incredible the support and information I get from these readings- so very intuitive and illuminating. Everyone is so professional and friendly. Susan is an especially wonderful medium and has shared many helpful and insightful messages with me. I've also had an incredible reading with Cat. I am looking forward to having another reading in the future. Thanks so much! 5 stars Plus!!!

Testimonial for Amira

"Amazing words from Amira! Sometimes you just gotta know what's out there and when things make no sense...I am glad I called pendragon and got an idea of the path to take. And cleared doubts in my head 🥰 …
Ash S. February 2024
"Amira told me exactly what I needed to hear today, very happy with my reading"
R.R. December 2023
"Amira was amazing I will recommend her to all my friends"
M.G. January 2024
"Amira told me exactly what I needed to hear today, very happy with my reading"
L.F. Auckland, November 2023

Testimonial for Karissa

"Really good reader. My questions involved a heart connection and she used cards and intuition and messages from guides/universe to give very good awareness to every question big or small and created a sense of knowledge and comfort. ⭐Highly recommend"
"Very helpful and true reading to guide me to my destiny"
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