A Little Air Magick

Element Air is the realm of the mind, it is our thoughts, ideas. It is the east and sunrise, a place of new things and beginnings. It is the power of spells and incantations and serves as a transmitter and messenger. Everything begins with a thought.  Words have great power, there are times we want […]

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A Little House Magick

Our homes are vital to our well being. They provide us with shelter, protect us from the elements and are a place for our families to grow and flourish. It’s a very good idea to keep our homes free of unwanted or negative energy as this will not only affect the vibration of our home […]

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A Little Bit of Money Magick

There are times in our lives we can find ourselves dealing with financial problems.  Sometimes we only have ourselves to blame, but there are other times this lack of financial flow can be due to obstacles or blockages in our homes.  This can occur even when we are doing our best and watching our financial […]

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A Little Water Magick

About 70% of our Earth is covered with water and our body’s are around 60%. Water plays the most important role in our existence, without it there is no life. The Element Water in magick is connected with our emotions, our souls & our dream state. As an element used in magick water’s uses range […]

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