Magickal Things for Your Home

October 8, 2021

Moving to a new flat or apartment, moving into your new home? There are two things that you should always take into your new place first. These are salt and bread, salt represents wealth and bread food. This goes back to Roman times and is to ensure that your new place never knows hunger or lack of money. Indeed never let salt run out in your home even if it is something that you rarely use. 

A basket overflowing with food items, bread, cheese, fruits, nuts and vegetables follows, once again to ensure that there is always abundance and plenty. Stability in the home environment is important to us all, so a heavy furniture item that cannot be blown away in the wind is the third item to be brought into your home. This is sympathetic magick and encourages these energies within the home. 

There is an old adage to never take the old broom from your previous place into your new home. This is the broom that you sweep with, not the decorative variety. Bringing the old broom is bad luck and can bring this ill luck with it into your new place, so leave it behind or throw it away. 

We are in control of our home environment and there are many things we can do to ensure it is safe on spiritual, physical and magickal levels. Our homes protect us from outside weather and forces as well as the dangers of everyday life. The walls and roof serve as a shield from the effects of the elements - physical and magickal and hold within our homes luck, energy and spirit. Doors guard against these intrusions and keep the good stuff inside. 

With very little time and effort we can create an atmosphere of harmony, safety, spirituality and romance in our homes with magick. Magick can assist with a happier existence, protection against thieves, improved health, restful sleep and satisfying spiritual experiences. 

*Sprinkle Flax Seeds over your threshold to end any dissent and preserve harmony. *Blend dried cinnamon and cloves, brew these in water or cider to bring an aura of happiness and tranquility to your home. 

*Collect rocks and pebbles on your travels, especially from places where you feel safe or happy. Charge them to protect your home and put them in an open terracotta pot. *For a peaceful home create an oil by grinding brown sugar, bee pollen and peppermint leaves together. Place these in a jar along with pink rose petals and cover it all with Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil. Soak cotton balls in the oil and tuck them strategically throughout the rooms of the house. 

Relocation Spell. This spell hails from Latin America, it is to magically ease relocation and bring good fortune to your new home. Wrap a horseshoe with red thread so only the tips are left exposed. Now attach it, with the tips facing downwards to a square of thin plywood or cardboard. Decorate the board with sequins, glitter glue, lucky seeds and beans. Add a votive image of St. Martin of Tours - you can find this easy enough on Google. When you have finished, activate your blessings of good fortune by repeating “citron nueve” (9 fruits) 21 times.

Place in a prominent place in the house.

Written by Paula

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