Getting to the point where you love yourself truly is like climbing a cliff face barefoot with no rope. If you’ve been hurt and betrayed or perhaps your childhood wasn’t that great, then the path to loving yourself can be one shaky step forward and a few shingle-sliding steps back. The stakes seem so high, one wrong decision and you could have to start all over. One blind choice and you could unravel.

Don’t look down. 

The Tarot can remind you to shine your valuable energy on yourself. To show self care and compassion and be your own champion. The cards fall and remind you to feed your passions, obey your intuition, take that creative risk, clear the swords from the heart, deal with sorrow, be imperfect and feel your power.

In the Ace of Cups a magnificent golden chalice is handed to you. A downward dove indicates divine love pouring universal energy into your cup and the five overflowing streams represent your senses. This cup is invaluable. It speaks of the seeds of great happiness, of experiences that make your heart swell with fullness. It’s the days when you feel blessed and lucky. It is filled with your sensory self. And I like to think of the Ace of Cups as a self love card. A spiritual card of truly feeling your value irrespective of accolades of failures. Your value as a spiritual being. Loving yourself is as simple as that. Loved simply because you exist, like a flower, or a tree. 

A chalice you carry with you everywhere. Being selective about what goes in and protecting the contents gained and garnered.

When the Queen of Cups holds her chalice it is filled with her experiences in love - all the facets. How she mothers and loves, all the sunsets and bush walks and long baths and right choices and lessons learned. Even the sweetness of grief is distilled in her chalice. The Queen of Cups will never let anyone knock her cup over again. It simply won’t happen. Though sometimes it does. 

There are many cards in the Tarot calling you to deepen your experience of self. Through knowing yourself, loving yourself - caring for your beautiful soul and sacred journey is perhaps why you are here on Earth. 

Love yourself.

Written by Southern Star

Element Air is the realm of the mind, it is our thoughts, ideas. It is the east and sunrise, a place of new things and beginnings. It is the power of spells and incantations and serves as a transmitter and messenger. Everything begins with a thought. 

Words have great power, there are times we want our words carried away into the atmosphere and others when we speak them quietly over an object or charm. Air is associated with study and travel, meditation and visions. We can fume our homes to remove negative and unwanted energies and burn incense to raise the vibrations around us. 

Rote and rhyme are the language of spells, as is singing, but as a rule we repeat the spell or incantation at least 3 times. Words convey power and intent and can be used to create realities where none before existed. 

Wednesday is the day of Mercury and is traditionally used for creating study spells. Use the colours yellow or lavender, take rose petals & acacia gum (gum arabic) and mix them together, do this on Wednesday when the Moon is waxing place in a small bowl and charm with a yellow candle. State your intentions clearly that this is a study aid. Use this powder when studying for exams of all kinds. Dab it on the third eye and the back of the neck. You can place the powder close by when you are studying and if possible when you are sitting exams, take some of the powder and tie it in a piece of yellow fabric and put it in your pocket. 

Gossip is sadly very common and it appears there are times when people lack any regard for others with cruel and unkind speech. This is a simple spell for gossip. 

Do this on a windy Wednesday, best when the Moon is waning. Mix together in your right hand salt and sugar. Take it outside and with the wind at your back, hold out your right hand and saying the gossip's name aloud blow the mixture off your hand and into the wind. Repeat their name again and ask the wind to blow their words far far away. 

If you and your lover have quarreled. On a Wednesday when the Moon is waxing, take red rose petals and crush them into powder, mix together with rice flour, place the ingredients in a bowl and burn a lavender candle beside it. If you wish, write your names together on a piece of paper and put them underneath the bowl while the candle is burning. Dust your body over with the powder to heal the quarrel. 

A simple travel spell, take a small piece of paper and write your name on it, also write the destination you desire to travel to. Take a feather and attach the paper to it. Travel away from your home, go somewhere high preferably by the sea and throw your feather and message out into the air calling out your name and where you are wishing to go. If this is fortuitous the wind will catch your feather and it will swirl away, 

Psalms. These are words of power and can be used as verbal protection against dangers both spiritual and human. The 23rd Psalm is the go to Psalm in Hoodoo for this and Psalm 104 can be recited just before sleep.

Written by Paula

The Minor Arcana is the forerunner to the modern-day playing card deck. of 56 cards. In Tarot these are made up of four suits of 14 cards. In each suit the cards are numbered Ace to 10, plus four court cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King.

Incorporating numerology and symbology gives each card in Tarot a deeper meaning. This makes learning to read them quite easy. For example, each card has a simple image, which belongs to a suit, and has an element that represents that suit. Stories and journeys are created by each card in that suit adding to and building upon the previous cards. The descriptions of the cards are based on the Rider Waite tarot deck, while other decks may have different pictures, yet the basic meanings remain consistent.

Number One: New beginnings and action.

Aces are the first card in the suit. The number one relates to "independence, individuality, initiation," and an overall sense of new beginnings. When aces appear in a spread, it indicates what areas of the querent's life are ready for a change, big or small — and where to focus attention to take the steps to create those shifts. 

Ace of Swords - Element: Air 

The illustration of the Ace of Swords is a hand coming out of  a black cloud with a grey background, holding a sword with a crown on top. Swords represents truth, mental thoughts, actions and words. Drawing the Ace of Swords indicates a break through the fog that has clouded the querent’s ability to think clearly. This card also calls for the querent to be clear and assertive and to speak their truth when communicating with others.

Ace of Wands - Element: Fire 

The picture of the Ace of Wands is a hand coming out of the clouds holding a wand. The wand is sprouting new leaves. Wands represent drive, energy, motivation, passion, creativity. Drawing the Ace of Wands indicates that it is a good time to start a new project or do something interesting and creative. Depending on the querent's question it could mean a new possibility/ potential/ opportunity opening up. The Ace of Wands also encourages the querent to believe in themselves, trust their own instincts, find their own voice so that they can follow their own dreams.

Ace of  Cups - Element: Water

The image of the Ace of Cups is a hand coming out of the clouds holding an overflowing cup of joy and happiness. Cups represent feelings, emotions and intuition, so now is a good time for a fresh start and/or possibly a new relationship that is emotionally fulfilling.

Ace of Pentacles - Element  Earth

The suit of Pentacles represents physical manifestation - money, wealth, business and practical things. The Ace of Pentacles depicts a hand emerging from the clouds, open palm upwards holding a large coin. This card represents the universe offering a gift, a new way of making money or manifesting abundance. It could also signify a new financial or career opportunity.

Written by Verna

There are times in our lives we can find ourselves dealing with financial problems. 

Sometimes we only have ourselves to blame, but there are other times this lack of financial flow can be due to obstacles or blockages in our homes.  This can occur even when we are doing our best and watching our financial output closely.  Money doesn't buy happiness but it is a total necessity in our world. Money provides both sustenance and security and our lives are dependant upon it.

Here is a simple Spell to help resolve lack or blockage and help attract money into our homes.

This is what you will need.

2x small glass bottles 

2x handfuls of rice

6x black peppercorns

2x green candles 

This Spell is created on a Tuesday as the Moon waxes (is growing larger) Just ensure that you complete it by midnight.

Light your candles. If you wish dress them with a money attracting oil. - Pine, basil or patchouli for example, do this before you light them.

Take water. Spring or rainwater is perfect but tap water is ok if you've nothing else.  Pour it into a saucepan and bring it to the boil.  Boil for 3 minutes then let it cool and pour it into your small glass bottles.  

When the water is completely cooled add a handful of rice and 3 peppercorns to each bottle.  The water may likely overflow so do this on your kitchen bench or in the sink.

Dry the bottles. 

Place one bottle in your kitchen and one in your living room. Place them somewhere visible.   Take the lit green candles and place them in front of each bottle. Let these burn for an hour and then snuff out the candles. 

Place the candles in a paper bag with a few coins. Dispose of the bag at a later date, away from your home.

Don't blow out your candles, you can use a spoon to snuff them out if you have nothing else. 

It's best to do this Spell in private, other people's thoughts and opinions can shift the energy and the only thoughts you want in your bottles are yours of money flowing in.

Leave your bottles in a prominent place, keeping them dust free.  Change the rice and peppercorns monthly on a Tuesday and waxing Moon.  Like the candles, you can put the contents into a bag with a few coins and dispose of away from your home.  If you have a garden you can bury the rice and peppercorns if you wish.

With this Spell we are using a combination of three Elements.  Earth, Fire and Water.

Fire and Earth in combination create money.  This is the reason for creating this work on Tuesday, Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars whose Element is Fire.

Element Fire is also brought in by our use of the candles.

Green is the colour of money and this is why we are burning green candles.  Dark green is best.

The dry ingredients bring in the Earth Element.

Rice guards against misfortune in the home and is added to spells for increased money and abundance.

Peppercorns are fiery and protective and they are added to ward off the evil eye which can create blockages brought about by the jealousy and negative thoughts of others. 

The Element Water in this Spell acts as a conductor. 

If you are familiar with the lunar calendar and it's possible to create this Tuesday Spell when the Moon is waxing in an Earth sign - Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. This can add more energy but don't worry if you’re not. 

Written by Paula

About 70% of our Earth is covered with water and our body’s are around 60%. Water plays the most important role in our existence, without it there is no life. The Element Water in magick is connected with our emotions, our souls & our dream state. As an element used in magick water’s uses range from still & gentled mirrors to typhoons, from flowing energy to walls of ice. We can use it to connect & we can use it to remove. Spiritual Bathing (Magickal Baths) have been used for millennia in many cultures all over the
planet. We can take magickal baths to draw in business, bring good luck or love and to bring healing and a sense of well-being. They can be used to wash away evil and negative energies that affect our lives.

A variety of ingredients can be used in spiritual baths & all combine the regenerative and restorative power of water. There are a variety of ways to take these baths, much depends on the reason for it. Some are best taken on certain days or various Moon phases, these qualities will aid in amplifying the baths’ affect. However, baths can be taken anytime when they are urgent. For example, a bath to bring business or money is best taken on a waxing Moon (growing bigger) with the view of bringing the work or money you desire towards you. However if the Moon is waning (growing smaller) and the situation is really urgent, you can take the same bath but with the intent of banishing the lack of money or business.

There are two ways to take a magickal bath, one is full immersion in the bath, the other is pouring the water over your head and down your body while standing. Regardless, the results should be the same. It is always a good idea to be clean before you partake in a magickal bath. It is common practice to collect some of the water from the bath and either throw it away at a crossroads or away from your house at the eastern corner for best results.

If using fresh herbs to make your bath, bring about 3 litres of water to a rolling boil, then switch it off, put the herbs into steep and cover. Let it cool, strain the water into your bath & dispose of the herbs with a few coins. If using roots or bark bring the water to the boil and add them let them boil for 9 minutes & then switch off, cover and steep, again straining the water into the bath. Whilst other baths you can put your herbs or flowers directly into the bath and wipe your body down with them, It all depends on the directions. Always dispose of your plant material, in the garden or in a bag with a few coins. Best not to throw them into your household rubbish.

There are so many Spiritual Baths, here are three you may wish to try.

A Simple Cleansing Bath
Add these ingredients to 3 litres of boiling water. Allow to cool and strain into the bath to clear negative energies.
1 Cup flakey sea salt
1 Cup white vinegar
9 lemons cut into pieces

Success Bath
This is an old recipe from New Orleans. Add the ingredients to your bathwater and wash yourself in a downward direction. Keep some of the bathwater and throw it out early in the morning facing east.
Handful of sea salt
9 Drops of Geranium Oil

Attract Good Luck in Everyday Life
To attract and keep good luck, add these ingredients to a weekly bath.
Goats milk
Sea Salt
Fresh parsley

Written by Paula

A basic tarot card deck has 78 cards. The deck is divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Arcana means the secret of the mysteries. The Major Arcana represents archetypes/stereotypes/ideals of universal life experiences which myths and legends are based on. Whereas the Minor Arcana focuses more on the decisions and influences of everyday life.

The Major Arcana has 22 cards which is a master number and represents the souls’ journey to enlightenment. There are 21 numbered cards and one unnumbered card which represents the Fool or the uninitiated starting out on their journey, learning life lessons and meeting new teachers along the way.

The Fool is represented by the number 0 which is the beginning and the end of a cycle. The Fool is carefree and happy to venture out into the world totally in the present moment because he/she is naive and is totally unaware or unafraid of what lies ahead. The journey takes him/her through all the numbered cards which represent different human, psychological and spiritual aspects of themselves. On this journey the Fool finds perspective and maturity by learning how to deal with both the internal and external influences in his/her life. At the end of this particular journey, the Fool has gained knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the world. The Fool now knows that life is an endless cycle that is learnt by experience.

The Fool on his/her journey to enlightenment also has to engage in activities, interact with people, thoughts, feelings, ideas and projects that make up his/her everyday life. This is personified by the Minor Arcana which has 56 cards that are made up of four suits of 14 cards. In each suit the cards are numbered Ace to 10, plus four court cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The suit of Wands represents energy, motivation and passion.

The suit of Swords represents mental thoughts, actions and words.

The suit of Cups represents feelings, emotions, intuition and creativity.

The suit of Pentacles represents physical manifestation, money and practical things.

Tarot card reading is more than just memorising the meaning of the cards. Each card comes with its own unique characteristics, rich in imagery and symbolism that goes deeply into the human psyche, assimilating the lessons, joys and challenges of the human/soul journey. A gifted tarot card reader creates a meaningful reading by intuitively linking the cards together to create a story.

Written by Verna

A traditional tarot card deck has 78 cards each with its own imagery and symbolism. Each card represents different aspects of life, situations or personal characteristics. When read as a spread or combination of cards, the cards become a tool to create a picture that tells a story that relates to the person who has asked for the reading. (querent). Every reading is different depending on the reader and the circumstances, but tarot cards are also a useful tool in offering insights and common-sense advice on the trials and excitements on this journey we call life.

Most readers start this journey curious to tap into their intuition and psychic abilities by giving and receiving simple tarot card readings with their friends and family.  Sometimes it is harder to read for friends and family and almost impossible to read for yourself than it is a complete stranger because you know them and have emotional expectations about the outcome. Whereas, with complete strangers it is actually quite surprising how perceptive people are when they are asked to give a reading for someone because the clues are always there; body language, verbal language and most people intuitively pick up the energy (vibes) of the people they are interacting with.

As with anything, the more you practice the better you become. Some readers are extremely intuitive and naturally gifted at reading the tarot cards because when they do a reading the cards ‘become alive’ and start interacting with each other and telling the story of the querent’s question. The most proficient tarot card readers are also gifted psychics and have the ability to ‘tune into guides’ and other information that goes beyond the five normal senses. Everyone has their own innate wisdom and the ability to be psychic or a tarot card reader depending on their desire and interest to create a practice that embraces this and brings it into their everyday life.

There are many different ways to read tarot cards, ranging from the simple to the complex. Starting with the basic yes / no spread, right up to using multiple cards to ask meaningful questions which takes the querent on a deep, introspective, spiritual and personal journey. The word spread in a tarot card reading means each card that is placed has a designated meaning, giving the reader an overview and the ability to use the cards in combination to create a story. The most common spreads are the three-card spread, the five-card spread and the Celtic Cross which uses ten cards.

There are many different tarot card or oracle decks which a reader may choose from, each with their own unique symbolism and messages. The reader will use the cards that will give them the most accurate and authentic information to share with their clients.

Written by Verna

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