Karissa 9am-1pm

Tarot Reader - Clairvoyance

The way I do tarot is the same way wifi works, we put out an electromagnetic field, similar to wifi, that travels across countries and space and time instantly.
I use the tarot and my own receptiveness to connect to your "radio signal" and provide you with information, answers  and removing blocks that may be in the way of your dream reality.
If you want to level up, find out the truth about something or figure out how to get on your best path then I'm the reader for you!
Additionally, I have special skills with reading for trauma victims, sra, mk ultra, mental and emotional blockages, betrayal trauma, relationships, business endeavors and limiting beliefs.
Symbols that resonate with me are wolves, sunflowers, hawks, tigers, dragons, phoenixes, tridents, fish, stars, owls, spiders, butterfly's, numbers 123, 456, 333, 444 + 144, and also dragonfly's.
If the universe is drawing you towards me I look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, 9am - 1pm
Thursday, 9am - 1pm
Friday, 9am - 1pm

"Very helpful and true reading to guide me to my destiny" - ✨ J.

Credit card bookings and enquires
0800 73 63 72

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Online Booking for Karissa 9am-1pm

The online booking service is for clients wanting to use a credit or debit card. For your convenience you can use the booking form to book a reading in advance with Karissa 9am-1pm

Please check 
Karissa 9am-1pm's shifts on the booking form for her availability.

Payment for online bookings: At the start of your appointment one of our friendly office personnel will call to complete your card details, this will only take a couple of minutes. You can then begin your reading. Calls cost $3.99 p/min min+gst.

Follow our simple booking steps:

Book a time that suits you
We will confirm the booking and then
Call you at the appointed time
Note: You are only charged for the time spent with the reader, no additional costs or booking charges apply.
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  • Testimonials for Karissa 9am-1pm

    "Really good reader. My questions involved a heart connection and she used cards and intuition and messages from guides/universe to give very good awareness to every question big or small and created a sense of knowledge and comfort. ⭐Highly recommend"

  • Testimonials for Karissa 9am-1pm

    "Very helpful and true reading to guide me to my destiny"

  • Testimonials for Karissa 9am-1pm

    Karissa was amazing! She answered questions before I even asked them and ones I didn’t even think of asking! She helped me get back on track! Thank you!

  • Testimonials for Karissa 9am-1pm

    "Karissa is great, I’ve seen many psychics over the years and it’s rare for someone to accurately tune in. Not only does Karissa do that, her advice is actually really healing and will reset you onto the chosen path"

  • Testimonials for Karissa 9am-1pm

    "I felt really seen by Karissa. She showed empathy for my situation and was specific with the readings. Feeling of hope was clear and felt positive with next steps clearly outlined"

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