June 7, 2021

Decisions. All those multi-choices stitch together like a patchwork quilt to form your life. One choice a piece of worm-woven silk, and another a scrap of an old sheet - the right and wrong, good and bad, empowering and weakening all sewn together.

Which path to choose?

People have consulted oracles for centuries. The Oracle of Delphi was a set of caves on Mount Parnassus where the Gaia goddess was worshiped and where a local woman, wizened with age and experience, went into trance to deliver answers to anyone seeking insight. It was both sacred and ordinary, open to the public. People came from miles around to consult with the Oracle of Delphi.

Later the shrine to Gaia was taken over by Apollo. From matriarch to patriarch but it was still the sibyl or pythia, the wise priestess woman, in a state of altered consciousness who received and spoke the trusted messages from the Source.

Also well known is The Dalai Lama, who consults with the oracle of Tibet Khadro-la. A young woman who in dream-experience communes with many goddesses including the goddess protector of Tibet. She is credited with stopping a typhoon. The Dalai Lama says he seeks opinion from her as kuten, a conduit of the divine on his physical plane, and compares her advice with his own conscience.

Our ancestors consulted oracles. From the shamans of primordial forests to the vales and druids of Europe. The oracles employed rituals of dance and chanting, sacred prayer and botanical ceremony, and sonic sound and smoke to reach an altered state - the dream-state of the super consciousness. Your ancestresses whisper it in your genetic memory, these memories of dancing around fires under the full moon. Of climbing crumbling sandy rocks in bare feet at dawn to make an offering to Gaia.
Of holding talismans and chanting in song for hours to communicate an answer intending please, give me a sign.

Written by Southern Star

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