A traditional tarot card deck has 78 cards each with its own imagery and symbolism. Each card represents different aspects of life, situations or personal characteristics. When read as a spread or combination of cards, the cards become a tool to create a picture that tells a story that relates to the person who has asked for the reading. (querent). Every reading is different depending on the reader and the circumstances, but tarot cards are also a useful tool in offering insights and common-sense advice on the trials and excitements on this journey we call life.

Most readers start this journey curious to tap into their intuition and psychic abilities by giving and receiving simple tarot card readings with their friends and family.  Sometimes it is harder to read for friends and family and almost impossible to read for yourself than it is a complete stranger because you know them and have emotional expectations about the outcome. Whereas, with complete strangers it is actually quite surprising how perceptive people are when they are asked to give a reading for someone because the clues are always there; body language, verbal language and most people intuitively pick up the energy (vibes) of the people they are interacting with.

As with anything, the more you practice the better you become. Some readers are extremely intuitive and naturally gifted at reading the tarot cards because when they do a reading the cards ‘become alive’ and start interacting with each other and telling the story of the querent’s question. The most proficient tarot card readers are also gifted psychics and have the ability to ‘tune into guides’ and other information that goes beyond the five normal senses. Everyone has their own innate wisdom and the ability to be psychic or a tarot card reader depending on their desire and interest to create a practice that embraces this and brings it into their everyday life.

There are many different ways to read tarot cards, ranging from the simple to the complex. Starting with the basic yes / no spread, right up to using multiple cards to ask meaningful questions which takes the querent on a deep, introspective, spiritual and personal journey. The word spread in a tarot card reading means each card that is placed has a designated meaning, giving the reader an overview and the ability to use the cards in combination to create a story. The most common spreads are the three-card spread, the five-card spread and the Celtic Cross which uses ten cards.

There are many different tarot card or oracle decks which a reader may choose from, each with their own unique symbolism and messages. The reader will use the cards that will give them the most accurate and authentic information to share with their clients.

Written by Verna

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