Are you feeling distressed, unsure and overwhelmed by life at the moment, and you're not wanting to get out there and do anything. Are you feeling powerless or uncertain right now?

The Wise look to what they can do in terms of change, how they can better the changes coming, how they can use their skills to help.... Others try to pretend like change isn't here.

We have energy, source, divinity on our side, but we are forgetting to turn to it. It's not about all holding hands and loving one another like a Disney movie, it's about looking to divinity and the eternal to know what to do. We can communicate with divinity for a reason. Sometimes we need help, sometimes we need aid. Like Dumbledore, help will always come to those who ask for it. Ask me a question, have your arms open and let divinity give you some guidance and insight with an intuitive Tarot reading.

Thursday, 1pm - 6pm
Friday, 1pm - 6pm
Saturday, 6pm - 11pm

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  • Testimonials for Achlamah

    "Really detailed advice and good knowledge on cards. Thank you for your support and honesty. Highly recommend."

    P. Auckland
  • Testimonials for Achlamah

    "Really good reader. My questions involved a heart connection and she used cards and intuition and messages from guides/universe to give very good awareness to every question big or small and created a sense of knowledge and comfort. Highly recommend."

    E.M. Dunedin
  • Testimonials for Achlamah

    "Very helpful and true reading to guide me to my destiny."

    J.W. Nelson
  • Testimonials for Achlamah

    "My Tarot reading with Achlamah was really revelling and she went into detail with cetain things in my life, thank you."

    S.P. Christchurch
  • Testimonials for Achlamah

Online Booking for Achlamah

The online booking service is for clients wanting to use a credit or debit card. For your convenience you can use the booking form to book a reading in advance with Achlamah.

Achlamah's availability is displayed on the booking form calendar.

Payment for online bookings: At the start of your appointment one of our friendly office personnel will call to complete your card details, this will only take a couple of minutes. You can then begin your reading. Calls cost $3.99 a min+GST.

Follow our simple booking steps:

Book a time that suits you
We will confirm the booking and then
Call you at the appointed time
Note: You are only charged for the time spent with the reader, no additional costs or booking charges apply.
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