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Psychic Medium


Life Questions, love, finances, future and much more.

I have been a psychic for fifteen years and started with the Tarot.  I have received ‘initiation’s’ and from these initiations, natural abilities opened giving me the gift of seeing and feeling (Clairvoyance and Clairsentience).  These gifts have strengthened over time and I am now a channel medium.

I work with high energies to work to facilitate the best information for you.  My interest in the Esoteric has taken me into deep philosophies, healing others and working with the earth.  In my healing work I have trained in Reiki and EFT. 

My healing work is now guided by the means of channel to go to different parts of the body and work with that guidance. I have also researched scientific information and theories to find out what drives us and how spirituality and scientific discoveries are merged.This transfers in readings to assist with spiritual, mental, psychological balancing or awareness.

I deeply believe all of life is connected and in that connection, we can work together over the phone to navigate the best outcomes to your questions.

I have a wide life experience and have specialised in the esoteric with teaching, readings and healings.  I often find that in a reading the perfect delivery is achieved as ‘spirit’ knows exactly what the recipient needs for their current life presentation.

I am a witness to the magic of readings as I share information for people and I am in awe of the process. Talking with loved ones that pass is often something that can happen in readings, however I do not seek the loved ones, but rather in complete appropriateness they sometimes desire to make contact.

I love to assist people and empower them on their journey. I am accurate, caring and practical.

I specialise in love and past lives and I feel very blessed to have these skills to share.




Carol is available on 0900 99 7 99

Wednesday 6pm - 11pm

Friday 6pm - 11pm

Saturday 6pm - 11pm  

Sunday 6pm - 11pm

To book a reading with Carol using a credit/debit card call

NZ 0800 73 63 72

AUSTRALIA 1800 008 321

No Extra Charges for Mobiles