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Friday April 28

9am - 1pm

Michelle - Psychic, Tarot

"I am always happy to put my skills into action for your benefit"


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Testimonial for Michelle:

"I want to acknowledge Michelle fully. She is indeed genuine, sincere and accurate..... more

Rangi Marie - Psychic

 "My life’s mission - to help others"


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Testimonial for Rangi Marie

"I was amazed at how quickly Rangi Marie picked up on things and how ....more


Readers available today: Friday April 28


The Future _ brought to you today by:

Michelle, Rangi Marie; 9am-1pm 
Debra, River; 1pm-6pm 

DebraCarol; 6pm-11pm 

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Testimonial for Pendragon

Thank you Pendragon! I immediately felt comfortable discussing my issue and found the reader to be compassionate and caring, but practical.

She has given me the confidence to face the situation knowing that although there will be challenges there are many positives for the upcoming year.

Thank you very much.

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Reader.jpgBlessed with strong intuitive powers, Pendragon's Psychics are professionals with proven accuracy. Not every psychic will harness his or her powers in the same way. Some Psychics seem to have a deep understanding of human experience and seem to recognise you personally when they speak with you. Mediums have messages concerning you - passed to them or through them from the spirit world.

What can a Pendragon Psychic reveal to you?