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Today  8am - 1pm

Nanciah - Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot

nancy_compressed.jpg"I guarantee clarity, sensitivity, and absolute confidentiality."

Call 0900 99 3 99 phone.png

C/card 0800 73 63 72 

Testimonial for Nanciah: "I want to thank Nanciah so much for her insightful reading. She speaks so clearly and I understood everything she said. I recommend Nanciah to anyone needing answers ... more

Rangimarie - Clairvoyant, Medium & Tarot

Rangi_crop.jpg"Kia ora, Kia orana" and Welcome my name is Rangimarie and I am an Intuitive Consultant.

phone.pngCall 0900 99 7 99

C/Card 0800 73 63 72

Testimonial for Rangimarie: "I was amazed at how quickly Rangimarie picked up on things and how how much detail she gave me. I would definitely recommend her... more

Today 1pm - 6pm

Deevee - Psychic, Medium & Tarot

debr_photo.jpg"My strengths lie in relationship, business & pet readings, for open, honest guidance please call me"

Call Pendragon logoCall 0900 99 3 99

 C/card 0800 73 63 72

Testimonial:  "I immediately felt comfortable discussing my issue and found the reader to be compassionate and caring, but practical.  She has given me the confidence to face the situation knowing that although there will be challenges ...more

Joanne - Clairvoyant & Medium

sunt.JPG"I'm proud to give you my full support as a reader"

phone.pngCall 0900 99 7 99

C/card 0800 73 63 73 

Testimonial for Joanne: "I was so amazed and encouraged with the accurate and loving messages Jo forwarded to me from the other side...more

Readers today: Monday August 21st


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Monday August 21st

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Did you know that for every testimonial we receive, we donate $25 to an animal charity such as Bird Rescue or Little Acres Rescue Animals (LARA).

Testimonial received

Hello Pendragon,

A big thank you to your amazing team and all the readers currently online, I love them all and appreciate so much the service they offer..  I wanted to say thank you for your time and love with the testimonial. Much love Terri

Testimonial received

I would like to thank your service and all the readers for their warmth and openness that has helped me to get through the most difficult times over recent months.

I cannot express how encouraging and supportive your readers are. Thank you for providing a service I trust to speak with, as I feel I cannot talk with any other. :) _ Lisa

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