Carol - Psychic, Medium

"I love to assist people and empower them"


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6pm - 11pm

Testimonial for Carol

"Carol was really on to it, she was so accurate, there was stuff that ....  more

Deevee - Psychic Medium

"For open, honest guidance please call me"


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6pm - 11pm

Hi my name is Deevee.

I am a psychic medium. I have been communicating with spirit my whole life.....Call Now!     more

Debra - Medium, Tarot

"Let me connect you with your true path" 


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Testimonial for Debra 

I have had the great pleasure of a reading from Debra. I am in no-doubt of her gifts!  more

Joanne - Clairvoyant

"I'm proud to give you my full support as a reader"


 Call 0900 99 7 99

Testimonial for Joanne

"I really appreciate Jo's honest and caring reading when I wanted to talk to my late husband..more

Louise -Tarot Prophetess

"I gladly serve you and your spirit with honour and truth"


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Testimonial for Louise:

"I had a reading with Louise and gained a lot of clarity. I liked her humble and gentle approach more

Michelle - Psychic, Tarot

"I am always happy to put my skills into action for your benefit - so let's talk soon!"


Call 0900 99 7 99

Testimonial for Michelle: "I want to acknowledge Michelle fully. She is indeed genuine, sincere and accurate. . more

Nanciah - Clairvoyant Tarot

"I can be counted upon to provide readings that are honest, sensitive, and confidential."


Call 0900 99 3 99

6pm - 11pm

"It has been a really difficult time for me and I want to thank Nanciah so much for ..more

Rachael - Medium Tarot

"To assist you in finding your true pathway, or discover anything holding you back"


Call 0900 99 7 99

Testimonial for Rachael:

I can highly recommend Rachael. She is very intuitive and I am more than suitably impressed!... more

River - Tarot Dream Guide

"I draw my power to read for you from nature herself" 


 Call 0900 99 3 99

Testimonial for River 

Hi, I would just like to say how fantastic River is. The reading was spot on.. more 

Victoria - Tarot & Healing

"It gives me a wonderful sense of achievement to share insight" 


Call 0900 99 3 99

Testimonial for Victoria

Real insights opened up for me as a result of Victoria's reading, I feel much clearer.... more


Tarot Readers

10_pentacles.jpgThe Tarot is as relevant today as ever. Tarot cards divine wisdom and knowledge from the Cosmos representing events, relationships, the past and present, and provide remarkably accurate glimpses into the future.
The use of the Tarot has transcended ancient civilisations and survived centuries, because although not alive in a physical sense, it has the ability to grow and change because we give it life.
Our gifted Tarot readers combine this ancient tradition with natural Clairvoyance to give you a personal live reading, imparting insight and guidance.
The Tarot can be used for a lot more of course than a simple yes or no answer.
The traditional form or layout is used to predict ones past, present and future. Every tarot card has a meaning, and together in combinations form incredibly accurate summations and predictions.


What do our clients have to say?



Dear Debra,

"Thank you Debbie for the amazing reading you gave me. You truly are the real thing, and you have helped me greatly to understand where I should be heading,"




"I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Michelle for your amazing guidance, honesty, intuition, patience and support through my tough times in the past"




"It has been a really difficult time for me and I want to thank Nanciah so much for her insightful reading. She speaks so clearly and I understood more 



"River is an excellent reader - very happy with her readings good advice and nice approach".


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