How Can You Benefit From Spiritualist and Psychic Medium Phone Readings in Auckland?

June 11, 2018

Life is full of obstacles that we have no choice but to overcome, but it's not always straightforward to face challenges head-on without help. Sometimes, stress and the feeling of uncertainty can drag our moods down to the point of adversely affecting our relationships and work life, but there are ways to take back control and make the big decisions that will have a positive impact. Psychic medium phone readings in Auckland have helped thousands of people overcome their obstacles, and a professional spiritualist can utilise their gifts to your advantage.

Not all psychics have the same skills. For example, some people can connect with those that have passed on and relay messages to loved ones, but clairvoyants, on the other hand, can perceive future events to help you take control of the decisions you need to make. However, it's worth finding professional spiritualist mediums in Auckland who have a deep understanding of the issues you're facing and can utilise the right spiritual gift to find the answers you require. Fortunately, if you need a team of spiritualist mediums with one point of contact, we can help.

At Pendragon, we've been guiding people with psychic phone readings in Auckland and beyond since 1999, though our founder, Susan Pendragon, has been a professional psychic for over 30 years. Now, we're a team of mediums with various abilities and gifts, and we set up our company to utilise our skills for the benefit of Auckland residents. Below, we look at the many ways in which spiritualist mediums can have a positive impact on your life.


Psychic readings are nothing new, but not everybody can perceive the future thanks to spiritual insights and the ability to connect with the supernatural world. Here's how those with the gift can help you:

  • Psychic Readings Paint a Picture of What's in Store: Sometimes, the worst thing about challenging times is not knowing they're about to happen, but psychic mediums may be able to warn you of upcoming difficulties so that you can take them in your stride and come out on the other side a stronger person.
  • Improve Your Spiritual and Mental Health: By connecting with your inner self and releasing negative energy as you discuss the future with your psychic medium guide, you can let go of stress, feel more confident and enjoy an enhanced overall mood.
  • Relationship Advice: Whether you're looking for a soulmate or searching for ways to improve your current relationship, spiritualist mediums in Auckland can help. Our professionals can advise you on what type of person to look out for, or they can tell you their perception of the future with your partner.

Psychic Medium Readings over the Phone

If you can't meet one of our spiritualists face to face for any reason, you can just give us a call and hear your reading over the phone. Whether you need a clairvoyant to consider your future or psychic mediums to connect with spirits from the other side, we can accommodate your needs. Contact us today when you need guidance from a professional with a unique perspective.

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