Find Peace By Phone with Psychic Readings From Experienced Psychics In NZ

June 11, 2018

Recently life has been a whirlwind of chaos accompanied by a streak of bad luck. People depend on you in every sphere of your life; business partners want you to land a problematic deal, the kids’ school is leaning heavily on the parents for participation in events and campaigns, and your love life continually suffers from lack of time available to put effort into a relationship. You’ve run out of places to turn, but need a trustworthy confidant who won’t berate you with judgement or spread your personal information. Pendragon Psychics and Tarot has been serving New Zealand for nearly 20 years offering confidential, enlightened, spiritually-connected psychic phone readings to our NZ community. Our phone psychics provide spiritual guidance that helps you gain clarity about the chaos currently obstructing your life and set action plans for how to approach the future so you can achieve the growth you want.


When our lives begin to feel heavy and unmanageable, that’s usually a sign that there is some energetic obstruction that is preventing you from continuing on your life’s path. That chaos is a distraction aimed at pushing you off course. Our psychic readings by phone offer our clients the opportunity to call their preferred psychic over the phone for a reading where they can ask specific questions in real-time. Stop losing sleep by addressing your concerns immediately. Our team of cosmically-sensitive mediums and spiritual guides are native to NZ and therefore capable of giving the most relevant psychic phone readings local to the NZ community compared to phone psychics outside of NZ. A psychic reading by phone allows you to ask questions about the things that are bothering you from anywhere, whenever it is convenient to you. A quick phone psychic reading on the way to that big deal-making meeting can help you gain focus and lay out a winning execution plan. Unsure if the latest romantic interest is worth the effort? Our psychic phone readings can turn to the cards utilising tarot to get to the root of your love query.

Compassion and Convenience with Pendragon Psychics and Tarot

While change comes from action, each of us can use a little help. Pendragon Psychics and Tarot believes that compassionate guidance from gifted individuals who have dedicated our lives to keeping a sensitive connection to our universe benefits the masses. Our skills give our clients the opportunity to take control of their lives and calm the chaos that prevents them from moving forward and reaching their goals. As the best phone psychics in NZ, we are one resource to the community that is always standing by to interpret and provide clarity. We are open daily, and our guides keep a consistent schedule for your ultimate psychic reading by phone experience. Sample our mediums, and once you connect with the NZ phone psychic that’s right for you, take down their number for direct access to psychic readings by phone wherever you go.

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