Salt is truly magickal, it can be used to protect, cleanse and purify, it can draw blessings or cross people and situations. Any form of salt provides intense spiritual and magickal protection but sea salt is considered to be the most potent.

It’s easy enough to produce your own sea salt, collect sea water and strain it into a large saucepan - do this to remove any debris that may be in the water. Then just simmer the water away until only the salt remains. In magickal work any salt can be used but the closer it is to its natural state the more energy it provides. 

Salt can be used for abundance. In ancient times Roman soldiers were paid with salt, hence the saying “a man is not worth his salt”. It is said to always have salt in your house, even if you don’t eat it much. No salt in the house there will be poverty in the house and money will cease to flow. 

Salt for Abundance

Wash your hands with salt to bring in money, pour sea salt into your wet hands and rub the salt all over them, front and back and between the fingers. Rinse it off and let your hands air dry. You can do this daily or weekly as you choose. 

Simple Protection from a Person 

Take a small screw top jar and half fill it with sea salt, on top of this place a photo of the person, if you don’t have a photo write their name and any information you have on a piece of paper. Put this face down on the salt in the jar. Pour more salt into the jar filling it almost to the top. Next place a stone or pebble on the top of the salt and screw the lid on tight. Burn a black candle on the top of the lid and let it burn out completely then place the jar away where it won’t be disturbed. 

Don’t Come Back 

If you have someone come to your home that you would rather didn’t come back to, use salt. Once they have crossed the threshold of your door when leaving, throw salt onto the ground behind them. Take a broom and sweep the salt all the way to the curb and then out onto the road. Before you re enter your home, brush yourself off with the broom, enter your home and leave the broom behind the door. 

Salt sprinkled on window and door sills is very protective, keeping unwanted energies and entities out. Salt will also shut down your psychic centres, so if you find yourself overwhelmed by these energies make something to eat that has salt in it, like a tomato sandwich for example. It will ground you. 

Salt is a powerhouse. It guarantees our blessings, preservation and protection. Salt will hold our prayers and petitions or absorb unwanted energies. Salt is a double edged sword; it can bless or curse or cut away crossed conditions like the blade of a knife.

Salt is powerful to use and easily available.

Written by Paula

Element Air is the realm of the mind, it is our thoughts, ideas. It is the east and sunrise, a place of new things and beginnings. It is the power of spells and incantations and serves as a transmitter and messenger. Everything begins with a thought. 

Words have great power, there are times we want our words carried away into the atmosphere and others when we speak them quietly over an object or charm. Air is associated with study and travel, meditation and visions. We can fume our homes to remove negative and unwanted energies and burn incense to raise the vibrations around us. 

Rote and rhyme are the language of spells, as is singing, but as a rule we repeat the spell or incantation at least 3 times. Words convey power and intent and can be used to create realities where none before existed. 

Wednesday is the day of Mercury and is traditionally used for creating study spells. Use the colours yellow or lavender, take rose petals & acacia gum (gum arabic) and mix them together, do this on Wednesday when the Moon is waxing place in a small bowl and charm with a yellow candle. State your intentions clearly that this is a study aid. Use this powder when studying for exams of all kinds. Dab it on the third eye and the back of the neck. You can place the powder close by when you are studying and if possible when you are sitting exams, take some of the powder and tie it in a piece of yellow fabric and put it in your pocket. 

Gossip is sadly very common and it appears there are times when people lack any regard for others with cruel and unkind speech. This is a simple spell for gossip. 

Do this on a windy Wednesday, best when the Moon is waning. Mix together in your right hand salt and sugar. Take it outside and with the wind at your back, hold out your right hand and saying the gossip's name aloud blow the mixture off your hand and into the wind. Repeat their name again and ask the wind to blow their words far far away. 

If you and your lover have quarreled. On a Wednesday when the Moon is waxing, take red rose petals and crush them into powder, mix together with rice flour, place the ingredients in a bowl and burn a lavender candle beside it. If you wish, write your names together on a piece of paper and put them underneath the bowl while the candle is burning. Dust your body over with the powder to heal the quarrel. 

A simple travel spell, take a small piece of paper and write your name on it, also write the destination you desire to travel to. Take a feather and attach the paper to it. Travel away from your home, go somewhere high preferably by the sea and throw your feather and message out into the air calling out your name and where you are wishing to go. If this is fortuitous the wind will catch your feather and it will swirl away, 

Psalms. These are words of power and can be used as verbal protection against dangers both spiritual and human. The 23rd Psalm is the go to Psalm in Hoodoo for this and Psalm 104 can be recited just before sleep.

Written by Paula

Our homes are vital to our well being. They provide us with shelter, protect us from the elements and are a place for our families to grow and flourish. It’s a very good idea to keep our homes free of unwanted or negative energy as this will not only affect the vibration of our home but ourselves as well.

One of the easiest ways to remove negative vibes in the home is with salt. Salt is well known in magick for its purifying and protective qualities. To remove negative energy take a bag of sea salt and pour little piles in every corner of every room. Leave these for 24 hours and then pick it up. You can vacuum it or use a brush and pan. It is important however to not touch the salt - you don’t want to transfer the negative vibes back into yourself. So best to wear gloves if possible. Gather up all the salt and then put it in a bag with a few coins and throw it away, preferably away from your home. This is quick and easy, the salt absorbs the negative vibes and then you just throw them out. If you wish you can use salt to protect your home environment by sprinkling it along your window sills and doors. 

Finding a new place to live can be difficult. A simple method of getting assistance with your house or flat hunting is to ask Papa Legba to assist you. To do this take a loaf of fresh bread and four coins to a cross-roads. This can be an actual intersection of roads or a place where paths cross. Leave the bread and the coins as an offering and ask for assistance in finding a new home. When you have been successful, take another offering of bread and coins to the same cross roads and leave them there as a thank you. 

If by chance a situation arises when some member of the household needs to move along, but for whatever reason refuses to do so, then this spell can be of assistance. This can be helpful when there is a relationship break up and one partner is refusing to leave even though it’s the best thing for all concerned. 

You will need: A photo of the house and a photo of the person concerned. The photo of the house remains stationary. Take a candle & place it on top of the photo of the person to be removed from the property. Every day light the candle (you can decide how long you wish to burn it),  snuff it out. Everyday move the photo and the candle further away from the house. When the candle is finished, burn the photo and then sprinkle the ash as you move away from the real house.

Everyday as you light the candle and move it further from the photo of the house say a prayer or incantation to assist the spell. This is a Hoodoo spell and the Bible is quite prominent in this type of work, so you can utilize this if you so choose. To determine what to pray, take the Bible and blow on the pages three times. Then open it, the first verses you eyes fall upon are the ones to use as your daily prayer, the 23rd Psalm is the go to for pretty much anything.

Written by Paula

There are times in our lives we can find ourselves dealing with financial problems. 

Sometimes we only have ourselves to blame, but there are other times this lack of financial flow can be due to obstacles or blockages in our homes.  This can occur even when we are doing our best and watching our financial output closely.  Money doesn't buy happiness but it is a total necessity in our world. Money provides both sustenance and security and our lives are dependant upon it.

Here is a simple Spell to help resolve lack or blockage and help attract money into our homes.

This is what you will need.

2x small glass bottles 

2x handfuls of rice

6x black peppercorns

2x green candles 

This Spell is created on a Tuesday as the Moon waxes (is growing larger) Just ensure that you complete it by midnight.

Light your candles. If you wish dress them with a money attracting oil. - Pine, basil or patchouli for example, do this before you light them.

Take water. Spring or rainwater is perfect but tap water is ok if you've nothing else.  Pour it into a saucepan and bring it to the boil.  Boil for 3 minutes then let it cool and pour it into your small glass bottles.  

When the water is completely cooled add a handful of rice and 3 peppercorns to each bottle.  The water may likely overflow so do this on your kitchen bench or in the sink.

Dry the bottles. 

Place one bottle in your kitchen and one in your living room. Place them somewhere visible.   Take the lit green candles and place them in front of each bottle. Let these burn for an hour and then snuff out the candles. 

Place the candles in a paper bag with a few coins. Dispose of the bag at a later date, away from your home.

Don't blow out your candles, you can use a spoon to snuff them out if you have nothing else. 

It's best to do this Spell in private, other people's thoughts and opinions can shift the energy and the only thoughts you want in your bottles are yours of money flowing in.

Leave your bottles in a prominent place, keeping them dust free.  Change the rice and peppercorns monthly on a Tuesday and waxing Moon.  Like the candles, you can put the contents into a bag with a few coins and dispose of away from your home.  If you have a garden you can bury the rice and peppercorns if you wish.

With this Spell we are using a combination of three Elements.  Earth, Fire and Water.

Fire and Earth in combination create money.  This is the reason for creating this work on Tuesday, Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars whose Element is Fire.

Element Fire is also brought in by our use of the candles.

Green is the colour of money and this is why we are burning green candles.  Dark green is best.

The dry ingredients bring in the Earth Element.

Rice guards against misfortune in the home and is added to spells for increased money and abundance.

Peppercorns are fiery and protective and they are added to ward off the evil eye which can create blockages brought about by the jealousy and negative thoughts of others. 

The Element Water in this Spell acts as a conductor. 

If you are familiar with the lunar calendar and it's possible to create this Tuesday Spell when the Moon is waxing in an Earth sign - Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. This can add more energy but don't worry if you’re not. 

Written by Paula

About 70% of our Earth is covered with water and our body’s are around 60%. Water plays the most important role in our existence, without it there is no life. The Element Water in magick is connected with our emotions, our souls & our dream state. As an element used in magick water’s uses range from still & gentled mirrors to typhoons, from flowing energy to walls of ice. We can use it to connect & we can use it to remove. Spiritual Bathing (Magickal Baths) have been used for millennia in many cultures all over the
planet. We can take magickal baths to draw in business, bring good luck or love and to bring healing and a sense of well-being. They can be used to wash away evil and negative energies that affect our lives.

A variety of ingredients can be used in spiritual baths & all combine the regenerative and restorative power of water. There are a variety of ways to take these baths, much depends on the reason for it. Some are best taken on certain days or various Moon phases, these qualities will aid in amplifying the baths’ affect. However, baths can be taken anytime when they are urgent. For example, a bath to bring business or money is best taken on a waxing Moon (growing bigger) with the view of bringing the work or money you desire towards you. However if the Moon is waning (growing smaller) and the situation is really urgent, you can take the same bath but with the intent of banishing the lack of money or business.

There are two ways to take a magickal bath, one is full immersion in the bath, the other is pouring the water over your head and down your body while standing. Regardless, the results should be the same. It is always a good idea to be clean before you partake in a magickal bath. It is common practice to collect some of the water from the bath and either throw it away at a crossroads or away from your house at the eastern corner for best results.

If using fresh herbs to make your bath, bring about 3 litres of water to a rolling boil, then switch it off, put the herbs into steep and cover. Let it cool, strain the water into your bath & dispose of the herbs with a few coins. If using roots or bark bring the water to the boil and add them let them boil for 9 minutes & then switch off, cover and steep, again straining the water into the bath. Whilst other baths you can put your herbs or flowers directly into the bath and wipe your body down with them, It all depends on the directions. Always dispose of your plant material, in the garden or in a bag with a few coins. Best not to throw them into your household rubbish.

There are so many Spiritual Baths, here are three you may wish to try.

A Simple Cleansing Bath
Add these ingredients to 3 litres of boiling water. Allow to cool and strain into the bath to clear negative energies.
1 Cup flakey sea salt
1 Cup white vinegar
9 lemons cut into pieces

Success Bath
This is an old recipe from New Orleans. Add the ingredients to your bathwater and wash yourself in a downward direction. Keep some of the bathwater and throw it out early in the morning facing east.
Handful of sea salt
9 Drops of Geranium Oil

Attract Good Luck in Everyday Life
To attract and keep good luck, add these ingredients to a weekly bath.
Goats milk
Sea Salt
Fresh parsley

Written by Paula

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