Our homes are vital to our well being. They provide us with shelter, protect us from the elements and are a place for our families to grow and flourish. It’s a very good idea to keep our homes free of unwanted or negative energy as this will not only affect the vibration of our home but ourselves as well.

One of the easiest ways to remove negative vibes in the home is with salt. Salt is well known in magick for its purifying and protective qualities. To remove negative energy take a bag of sea salt and pour little piles in every corner of every room. Leave these for 24 hours and then pick it up. You can vacuum it or use a brush and pan. It is important however to not touch the salt - you don’t want to transfer the negative vibes back into yourself. So best to wear gloves if possible. Gather up all the salt and then put it in a bag with a few coins and throw it away, preferably away from your home. This is quick and easy, the salt absorbs the negative vibes and then you just throw them out. If you wish you can use salt to protect your home environment by sprinkling it along your window sills and doors. 

Finding a new place to live can be difficult. A simple method of getting assistance with your house or flat hunting is to ask Papa Legba to assist you. To do this take a loaf of fresh bread and four coins to a cross-roads. This can be an actual intersection of roads or a place where paths cross. Leave the bread and the coins as an offering and ask for assistance in finding a new home. When you have been successful, take another offering of bread and coins to the same cross roads and leave them there as a thank you. 

If by chance a situation arises when some member of the household needs to move along, but for whatever reason refuses to do so, then this spell can be of assistance. This can be helpful when there is a relationship break up and one partner is refusing to leave even though it’s the best thing for all concerned. 

You will need: A photo of the house and a photo of the person concerned. The photo of the house remains stationary. Take a candle & place it on top of the photo of the person to be removed from the property. Every day light the candle (you can decide how long you wish to burn it),  snuff it out. Everyday move the photo and the candle further away from the house. When the candle is finished, burn the photo and then sprinkle the ash as you move away from the real house.

Everyday as you light the candle and move it further from the photo of the house say a prayer or incantation to assist the spell. This is a Hoodoo spell and the Bible is quite prominent in this type of work, so you can utilize this if you so choose. To determine what to pray, take the Bible and blow on the pages three times. Then open it, the first verses you eyes fall upon are the ones to use as your daily prayer, the 23rd Psalm is the go to for pretty much anything.

Written by Paula

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