Element Air is the realm of the mind, it is our thoughts, ideas. It is the east and sunrise, a place of new things and beginnings. It is the power of spells and incantations and serves as a transmitter and messenger. Everything begins with a thought. 

Words have great power, there are times we want our words carried away into the atmosphere and others when we speak them quietly over an object or charm. Air is associated with study and travel, meditation and visions. We can fume our homes to remove negative and unwanted energies and burn incense to raise the vibrations around us. 

Rote and rhyme are the language of spells, as is singing, but as a rule we repeat the spell or incantation at least 3 times. Words convey power and intent and can be used to create realities where none before existed. 

Wednesday is the day of Mercury and is traditionally used for creating study spells. Use the colours yellow or lavender, take rose petals & acacia gum (gum arabic) and mix them together, do this on Wednesday when the Moon is waxing place in a small bowl and charm with a yellow candle. State your intentions clearly that this is a study aid. Use this powder when studying for exams of all kinds. Dab it on the third eye and the back of the neck. You can place the powder close by when you are studying and if possible when you are sitting exams, take some of the powder and tie it in a piece of yellow fabric and put it in your pocket. 

Gossip is sadly very common and it appears there are times when people lack any regard for others with cruel and unkind speech. This is a simple spell for gossip. 

Do this on a windy Wednesday, best when the Moon is waning. Mix together in your right hand salt and sugar. Take it outside and with the wind at your back, hold out your right hand and saying the gossip's name aloud blow the mixture off your hand and into the wind. Repeat their name again and ask the wind to blow their words far far away. 

If you and your lover have quarreled. On a Wednesday when the Moon is waxing, take red rose petals and crush them into powder, mix together with rice flour, place the ingredients in a bowl and burn a lavender candle beside it. If you wish, write your names together on a piece of paper and put them underneath the bowl while the candle is burning. Dust your body over with the powder to heal the quarrel. 

A simple travel spell, take a small piece of paper and write your name on it, also write the destination you desire to travel to. Take a feather and attach the paper to it. Travel away from your home, go somewhere high preferably by the sea and throw your feather and message out into the air calling out your name and where you are wishing to go. If this is fortuitous the wind will catch your feather and it will swirl away, 

Psalms. These are words of power and can be used as verbal protection against dangers both spiritual and human. The 23rd Psalm is the go to Psalm in Hoodoo for this and Psalm 104 can be recited just before sleep.

Written by Paula

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