There are times in our lives we can find ourselves dealing with financial problems. 

Sometimes we only have ourselves to blame, but there are other times this lack of financial flow can be due to obstacles or blockages in our homes.  This can occur even when we are doing our best and watching our financial output closely.  Money doesn't buy happiness but it is a total necessity in our world. Money provides both sustenance and security and our lives are dependant upon it.

Here is a simple Spell to help resolve lack or blockage and help attract money into our homes.

This is what you will need.

2x small glass bottles 

2x handfuls of rice

6x black peppercorns

2x green candles 

This Spell is created on a Tuesday as the Moon waxes (is growing larger) Just ensure that you complete it by midnight.

Light your candles. If you wish dress them with a money attracting oil. - Pine, basil or patchouli for example, do this before you light them.

Take water. Spring or rainwater is perfect but tap water is ok if you've nothing else.  Pour it into a saucepan and bring it to the boil.  Boil for 3 minutes then let it cool and pour it into your small glass bottles.  

When the water is completely cooled add a handful of rice and 3 peppercorns to each bottle.  The water may likely overflow so do this on your kitchen bench or in the sink.

Dry the bottles. 

Place one bottle in your kitchen and one in your living room. Place them somewhere visible.   Take the lit green candles and place them in front of each bottle. Let these burn for an hour and then snuff out the candles. 

Place the candles in a paper bag with a few coins. Dispose of the bag at a later date, away from your home.

Don't blow out your candles, you can use a spoon to snuff them out if you have nothing else. 

It's best to do this Spell in private, other people's thoughts and opinions can shift the energy and the only thoughts you want in your bottles are yours of money flowing in.

Leave your bottles in a prominent place, keeping them dust free.  Change the rice and peppercorns monthly on a Tuesday and waxing Moon.  Like the candles, you can put the contents into a bag with a few coins and dispose of away from your home.  If you have a garden you can bury the rice and peppercorns if you wish.

With this Spell we are using a combination of three Elements.  Earth, Fire and Water.

Fire and Earth in combination create money.  This is the reason for creating this work on Tuesday, Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars whose Element is Fire.

Element Fire is also brought in by our use of the candles.

Green is the colour of money and this is why we are burning green candles.  Dark green is best.

The dry ingredients bring in the Earth Element.

Rice guards against misfortune in the home and is added to spells for increased money and abundance.

Peppercorns are fiery and protective and they are added to ward off the evil eye which can create blockages brought about by the jealousy and negative thoughts of others. 

The Element Water in this Spell acts as a conductor. 

If you are familiar with the lunar calendar and it's possible to create this Tuesday Spell when the Moon is waxing in an Earth sign - Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. This can add more energy but don't worry if you’re not. 

Written by Paula

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