What's your Soul Sign


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Renowned astrologer to the stars, Debbie Frank, offers a unique and accessible guide on how to read your birth chart to find your true purpose and reveal who you really are on a soul level. Unlock the healing, magical wisdom of astrology to map your soul's journey and align your life with the cosmic design of your birth chart. Are you ready to connect with your soul, find out who you truly are and discover who you are destined to be? The magic of astrology flows through every aspect of our lives-from our work and relationships to our inner power and creative inspiration-leaving signposts, messages and guidance to assist us on our soul journey. What's Your Soul Sign? will show you how to recognise these messages and empower you to join all the dots within yourself, meet your soul tribe and become the best YOU possible! Drawing on her decades of experience as a world-renowned astrologer, Debbie Frank will show you- How to read a birth chart, the meaning of the points and planets in your chart and the secrets they hold. The connection between the cosmos and your life through your angles. How Chiron-the asteroid that helps you heal-can help you overcome past and present wounds. Why your soul is here at this moment and what your life purpose is. Your birth chart is a sacred map encoded with all the information you need to find your true purpose, raise your vibration and transform your life.

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