Exceptional and Highly Qualified Live Tarot Readings Local to NZ

September 4, 2020

For decades, you have relied on a weekly live tarot reading with the psychic with whom you’ve developed a long-lasting relationship. Over the years and with her helpful insight, the cards have accurately warned of difficult times ahead, offered useful solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems, and illuminated forgotten resources needed for safe passage into your next chapter in life. These live tarot readings have become part of a lifestyle centered on spiritual practice that has changed your life for the better. Surrounding yourself with the wisdom of the cards has simplified your life while simultaneously creating opportunities previously incomprehensible. Still, it was terrifying when your routine tarot reading suggested you emigrate to NZ to accept a dream job offer.


In lieu of in-person sessions, your previous medium agreed to continue live tarot readings via Skype. While initially promising, you’ve felt a distance, almost as if the story that unfolds has become less relevant. You’ve begun to wonder if your readings have been affected by the distance between the two of you and the disconnect your medium has from your current environment. You’ve been reluctant but concede that you need the benefit of a live tarot reading from a NZ medium to guide you through this transitional period. The intimacy required for successful interpretation and reflection of the tarot isn’t achieved efficiently without live tarot readings performed by psychically sensitive professionals connected to the area where they are working. While helpful thus far, your old medium is of your former life, rooted in that location. To become truly grounded in the present and take root in your new home, it’s best you call us for a live tarot reading with someone who is already rooted in this beautiful land. Pendragon Psychics and Tarot has one of the best teams of highly skilled psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, and spiritual guides in New Zealand.

Revitalize your Spiritual Practice at Pendragon Psychics and Tarot

Pendragon Psychics and Tarot is open daily, and our team comprises 100% kiwi ability. Browse our online bios for our specialities and schedule. Our guides keep consistent programs so that you know when your guide will be available for your entirely confidential live tarot reading. Each of our spiritual guides has individual NZ phone numbers so that you can connect directly. Tarot reading by NZ natives means your cards are studied in the context of the area where you live and work. We can pick up on recurring symbols that are typically specific to NZ. Tarot reading has been an excellent way to gain clarity about your current circumstance by using the images to create a story that is built systematically through the card formation your psychic uses. Now that you’re here, you could use a live tarot reading specific to your new home in NZ to re-establish a spiritual pattern that will guide you past starting a new job and into soul-enriching extra-curricular projects and causes.

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