Kia ora / hello! I’m Gwen. While I’m not from Aotearoa New Zealand originally (you’ll notice my accent), I’m honoured to call it home.

I’m a dedicated Tarotist and Oracle reader — I love to use my Tarot and Oracle cards to provide intuitive guidance for intentional living — to help you gain the clarity you need to make empowered decisions.

My tarot and oracle readings are fantastic tools to:

✨ Start speaking with your authentic self (if you’re not that spiritual)

✨ Reconnect with your higher self / guides / the Universe (if you are that spiritual ✨)

✨ Recenter and renew your self-confidence, self-love, and self-compassion

✨ Illuminate your path and highlight the best solutions

✨ Facilitate access to the answers and confidence you need

My readings can help with:

✨ Relationships, situationships friendships and family

✨ Career, work, and study paths

✨ Life path and purpose

✨ Spiritual and emotional blocks and healing

✨ Intentional grounding, clearing, recentering

✨ Creative block clearing and inspiration

✨ General readings, affirmations and forecasts, and more.

No question is a silly question — no question is too big, too small. Just ask and I’ll tell you what’s possible. 

Quick yes or no questions can be answered via tarot or pendulum, and I use a collaborative and conversational style on more in-depth readings. Sometimes I may suggest reframing a query to get you the best possible answers and insights; my specialty lies in being a neutral translator between the universe, the cards, and you.

Whether you’d like my help to confirm a hunch you have, get some new perspective on a unique situation, or help you to see and step away from the hidden patterns that are keeping you stuck and unmotivated, I look forward to exploring with you, seeing what my cards have to say, and helping you find your way. 

Ngā mihi,


Tuesday, 6pm - 10.30pm

Hello! My name is Cat and I’ve been reading cards for over 20 years. I was born in the United States but found my home in New Zealand where I have lived for the past ten years. I was raised with family who read tea leaves and gave palm and card readings around the kitchen table so after getting my first deck when quite young, I was off running! I am a Libra sun and moon with Sagittarius rising.  

I am discreet and open-minded, direct but empathetic. There is no question too strange or taboo. I read for strange angels, mystics, madmen, sinners, saints and you, of course! Expect a conversation that feels like a visit with a friend; you can speak to me knowing there is no judgement and equally I will give you an honest interpretation of the cards.  My readings aim to cut through confusion so that you leave feeling empowered and confident.

I primarily read using Lenormand cards, but I am equally well versed in Tarot. I read intuitively, contextually based around your questions, while also keeping in mind traditional approaches and interpretations of the cards.

If you need an answer short and sweet, I also provide pendulum readings. A pendulum reading is great for providing a quick yes or no answer, or to affirm a decision you need to make - like if you need to weigh up whether it’s the right time to send that email or text message, ask that person out on a date, apply for a job or when to take your holiday. 
I look forward to speaking with you soon! 


Monday, 6pm - 11pm
Thursday, 6pm - 11pm
Saturday, 9am - 1pm
Sunday, 9am - 1pm


I’m Southern Star, an Intuitive NZ Tarot Reader.

The Tarot is my calling and I will use the Tarot to access wisdom from the Divine to steady you on your feet, make that leap of faith or choose between a rock and a hard place. Whatever your concern, a Tarot reading usually makes things clearer and you feel better.

It is empowering to ask for guidance. We all get lost in the maze or feel wobbly on our bikes. The Tarot is a sensible and illuminating way to navigate road blocks and capitalise on opportunities.

Intuition is as natural as water and my intuition during a reading helps me know the unknowable, discern the message, and relay that to you in a way you understand and possibly trigger your own knowing.

I am mystic by nature. Since I was young I’ve channelled my spirit guide whose name, Diasteasus, means: through the blaze of the destiny star from the gods. Through this communion I have gained much knowledge which led me to spend years exploring and writing about the ancient mysteries, the esoteric teachings, the science supporting them and what this means to us mere mortals.

I am mostly though, like a trusted friend who has the knack, the gift of reading Tarot. I will read for you just like I do for my friends around the kitchen table.

There are no coincidences in the matrix of life and should you feel inspired to call for me then I will gladly serve you and your spirit with honour and truth.

Thank you,

Southern Star - The Tarot Prophetess

Tuesday, 6pm - 9pm

"Southern Star is fantastic, she has been incredibly accurate in reading for me" -💫 N.W.


Be confident about finding the answers you need from a reading with me!


Hi, I’m Michelle – Welcome to my page 

You’re going to get accurate information from an experienced reader who’s able to speak directly to your concerns and provide certainty - all you need to tell me is your first name.

I’m able to draw upon a wide range of skills to assist you and quickly deliver results.

How does it work?

When I read for you I’ll expertly combine your tarot cards with psychic energy impressions, clairvoyant visions & channelled spirit messages to give the answers you’re seeking.

How does this help you?

Your reading can offer Guidance to:

Call me if you want clarity about your choices and support in your situation.

By the end of our call you’ll know exactly how to navigate what’s ahead with confidence.

Speak with you soon!

Tuesday, 6pm - 9pm
Thursday, 6pm - 9pm
Sunday, 6pm - 9pm

"Michelle. You couldn't have been more accurate about my situation. Thank you so very much for your reading. I will definitely be turning to you again" - Sarah 🥰

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