Daily Prize Draw

Congratulations to our

1st August - Maree
2nd August - Agnes
3rd August - Natasha
4th August - Gypsy
5th August - Jeffrey
6th August - Leonard
7th August - Ani
8th August - Swati
9th August - Catherine
10th August - Tracey
11th August - Kate
12th August - Lillian
13th August - Jenette
14th August - Angela
15th August - Twinkle
16th August - Shona
17th August - Gillian
18th August - Charmaine
19th August - Ruka
20th August - Donella
21st August - Bunra
22nd August - Marlene
23rd August - Kristen
24th August - Annie
25th August - Leanne
26th August - Suzanne
27th August - Bronwyn
28th August - Rose
29th August - Nichole
30th August - Krez
31st August - Sonal

View the full range of candles from Fringe of Heaven here:

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