Intuitive Tarot reader - Medium - Clairvoyant - Pendulum

Intuitive Tarot reader, Medium, Clairvoyant, Pendulum.
According to my mother as a child as I was always a bit 'weird' and follow my grandmother with her sixth sense. Earning me a nickname of Bruja (witch) in Spanish. I grew up with a love of the paranormal and anything spiritual, seeing and talking to ghosts and foretelling things that would happen in my dreams but I kept it hidden for the most part due to not wanting to be ridiculed or frowned upon. 
Being an intuitive Tarot reader I tune into the client's energy and pick up emotions, and information specific to them using the cards as a tool. I have great empathy and understanding of loss and grief and I take pride in being able to help to connect the living with their loved ones in spirit.
I consider it an honour to be able to pass on any messages with the help of my spirit guides and guardian Angels. I aspire to deliver readings in a warm and friendly manner.
The Tarot will tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know.
It never ceases to amaze me with their insight and knowledge.
So if you want an honest and upfront reading I'm your 'weirdo! ' 
Many thanks Roxy


Monday, 8am - 1pm
Wednesday, 6pm - 11pm
Thursday, 6pm - 11pm

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  • Testimonials for Roxy

  • Testimonials for Roxy

  • Testimonials for Roxy

  • Testimonials for Roxy

Online Booking for Roxy

The online booking service is for clients wanting to use a credit or debit card. For your convenience you can use the booking form to book a reading in advance with Roxy

Please check 
Roxy's shifts on the booking form for her availability.

Payment for online bookings: At the start of your appointment one of our friendly office personnel will call to complete your card details, this will only take a couple of minutes. You can then begin your reading. Calls cost $3.99 a min+gst.

Follow our simple booking steps:

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We will confirm the booking and then
Call you at the appointed time
Note: You are only charged for the time spent with the reader, no additional costs or booking charges apply.
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