A lifetime of study into the mind body spirit and holistic aspect of humans has enabled me to connect the dots and guide people into new levels of personal empowerment.

Using spiritual guides and deep intuitive connection to your current situation, I offer guidance and direction to you, enabling you to approach your obstacles and difficulties with precision and clarity.

Warmest Regards, Nina

Available: Monday 6pm - 11pm, Thursday 1pm - 11pm

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  • Testimonials for Nina

    "Nina has been the most accurate and detailed reader I have had so far. Always straight to the point and confirming things that had happened/the knowns and gave me confidence in her readings. She had predicted a few outcomes which had unfolded exactly like she said they would. Thanks Nina you have provided me with peace of mind and assurance in moving forward, will definitely come back to you again"

    S, May 2020
  • Testimonials for Nina

    "I had the wonderful experience of meeting Nina who in my eyes is a truly gifted lady. I have had many readings in person and over the phone and found her to be compassionate, very intuitive and accurate. Her honesty and commitment to me throughout the reading was refreshing and much needed. I was going through a particularly tough time in my life and was riddled with anxiety and stress. I wasn't sleeping or eating well and her insights gave me a sense of security and peace. Her manner is also very warm and caring and you know she is with you 100%. I have crossed paths with many psychics and mediums and Nina is by far the most in tune I have come across. I am so glad I had the privilege of Nina giving me a reading, I no longer need to search for the right psychic or medium as Nina will always be my go to"

    C, June 2020
  • Testimonials for Nina

    "Nina is just lovely. A beautiful soul with positive energy, even if I'm the last caller at 10pm. She is accurate and provides guidence for my situation. Lots of respect for this wonderful lady."

    R I J, October 2020
  • Testimonials for Nina

    "It's difficult finding a reader who has a high level of accuracy. However a year on I am finding Nina has an extraordinary gift in her ability to read, guide and validate events down to every T and dotted I. There is no way any reader could have speculated my situation or the outcome as it's so far from normal and almost incredible - yet Nina did 100% accurately."

    T, March 2020
  • Testimonials for Nina

    "Nina is Awesome straight to the point. Glad I got the right person for my situation. Thanks again Nina xx."

    K. Tauranga

Online Booking for Nina

The online booking service is for clients wanting to use a credit or debit card. For your convenience you can use the booking form to book a reading in advance with Nina.

Nina's availability is displayed on the booking form calendar.

Payment for online bookings: At the start of your appointment one of our friendly office personnel will call to complete your card details, this will only take a couple of minutes. You can then begin your reading. Calls cost $3.99 a min+GST.

Follow our simple booking steps:

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