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Every reading is unique and it is my aim to relay information to support and empower each person I have the privilege to read for. I do not use the tarot to predict the future, but as a superb analysis tool for getting a clear understanding of your situation allowing you the freedom of choice in the changes you make to affect where you are heading. Ultimately we are responsible for the decisions we make and therefore the impact these have on our lives.

In my view, a "prediction" takes away this responsibility and therefore our control.
Rather than telling you what is going to happen, my aim is to tell you what influences are at play right now, highlighting aspects that you may not be fully aware of, such as what consciously and subconsciously you are exerting on your life.
I will put particular emphasis on what blocks you are currently experiencing (internally and externally), how you can act more effectively in your current situation, and what parts of your personality and life you are currently neglecting, helping you to make more balanced, insightful decisions. Armed with this information you will feel more in control and empowered to make better judgements and therefore take responsibility back for your life. After all, the decisions we make create the life we live.

I am originally from the North of England, I am down to earth with a genuine desire to help you to deal with life's curves and complexities.
My passion with the Tarot extends over 5 decades and I have been a professional reader for over 20 years.
I take my responsibilities as a reader very seriously and I look forward to shining light on your situation and assisting you in strict confidence.

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Testimonial "Feel Inspired"

My 'reading' by tarot with Jennifer recently was uplifting and inspiring. Her kind and caring nature came across so quickly, and I felt very at ease and immediately comforted. Her reading was spot on, and very accurate and made so much sense to me, giving the clarity I needed at the time.

After the reading I felt uplifted and as I thought on her words throughout the day, my clarity and forevision grew stronger as my confusions and doubts melted away. I was truly helped, and am deeply thankful.

If you have a reading from Jennifer, you will feel inspired, and will feel the love emanating from her too. A truly gifted tarot reader, who cares about people, is extremely accurate, and no matter how difficult you feel your problem is at the time, Jennifer can truly help you find the clarity and words of comfort you seek.
Very highly recommended! JE


Testimonial for "Highly recommended"

"I had a great readings by Jennifer, really accurate, detailed and caring, Highly Recommended"
Thank you_ HM

Testimonial "Great reading"

"Absolutely spot on Jennifer was, great reading accurate, clear and a lovely honest person to speak with,
Thank You" _RW

Testimonial for Michelle and Jennifer

I had readings from Jennifer and Michelle and they are both very very good. I highly recommend these ladies
Thank you both Smile