Celeste Star Woman


Celeste Star Woman is an International Psychic Medium who loves sharing her gifts and assisting others. Celeste was born in the UK and has lived many years in NZ and Australia.
Trained at the Arthur Findlay College ( London) for advanced spiritual development, she is a platform medium, has facilitated Spiritual Services and attended many Psychic Fairs, including readings at the famous Eumundi Markets in Queensland.
Now based in New Zealand, Celeste Star woman looks forward to hearing from you and applying her unique set of skills to your personal reading.

Available: Wednesday 1pm - 6pm, Friday 1pm - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 1pm - 6pm

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  • Testimonials for Celeste Star Woman

    "I had the most amazing reading with Celeste. The most accurate I’ve ever had. She spoke of one of my guides as behind my great grandmother whose name began with M and described her fully. I went to my mum’s house two weeks later and saw a picture. I asked who she was and it was my great grandmother Molly. All her traits were exactly as Celeste described it. It gave me goosebumps. Thank you for your guidance and amazing gift xx

    Anna H
  • Testimonials for Celeste Star Woman

    "Celeste, it amazes me how our paths have crossed. My reading was amazing, a laugh and most of all touching. You helped me answer questions and find my purpose. This experience was an absolute joy! ??

  • Testimonials for Celeste Star Woman

    "Hi Celeste, thank you so much for the lovely energizing and reaffirming reading. It has been at least 5 years since my last reading and it was very special having so many names through and hearing their shared messages. Today was very healing and not just of my knee ☺️ kindest regards,

  • Testimonials for Celeste Star Woman

    "Thanks Celeste for the great reading. Clint was very pleased that his grandparents came through so clearly with even their names. He is aware they are around him so it was lovely to have this confirmation. Highly recommended"

  • Testimonials for Celeste Star Woman

    "Thank you thank you thank you. Oh forgot when you were getting the first people through M is Melva my mother W is Wilma her sister. Then Jacklyn friend come family oh and her first time through. The crowning glory for me working out brother Dennis from ex husband Dennis. The memories you brought through with him that there was no way you could know and my final message. Oh and it was his first time through. Should you ever need a reference as to the quality and your ability with spirit please use me. I have been part of the spiritual movement since 1977 and today's reading left me in tears with love and gratitude at your beautiful ability. Thank you again Celeste Star Woman --


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Payment for online bookings: At the start of your appointment one of our friendly office personnel will call to complete your card details, this will only take a couple of minutes. You can then begin your reading. Calls cost $3.99 a min+gst.

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