Warmest greetings. I have worked with Tarot for the past 25 years.  In the beginning I dabbled doing readings for friends and family, to anyone who would seek my counsel. In 2007 I was made redundant form a high paying sales position, which drove me to my calling as a reader.  I worked for many 2 years as a professional reader, healer and coach, before returning to New Zealand to continue my work here. 

In recent times I have come to understand that tarot is a launch pad that reveals signs and symbols from your higher self. Energy is tangible - it shifts and changes as we shift and change.  The healing I offer though my readings happens on the spoken world, if you are open to it. 

It's my role as a reader and healer to provide you with a safe space to understand your path, gain clarity on situations that are unfolding in your life.  And even to understand deeper reasons for events from your past. 

Sometimes just knowing what is coming, or why something has been, can change the path that we are on.  I may experience my insights as memories, laced with symbols, and emotions. Perhaps your story is told on the cards, a channel may open to a higher dimension or our guides may come together to share the story of your soul.  However the message comes through, it is always with love and truth. 

I specialize in uniting you with the core of your being to be the person you were born to be. My dream is to be at the root of a movement to awaken healers around the world. 

Be bold, be strong.

Available: Monday & Thursday 6pm - 11pm, Friday 1pm - 6pm

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  • Testimonials for Arron

    Today I had a first time reading with Arron. He was amazing it blew my mind. He picked things about me so accurately and told me about my personality of who I was every word was correct. I then asked about my personal life and future, he really picked on a person in my life which I had never told hjm anything about. He so accurately described this person and I straight away knew who he was talking about . He is very kind, gentle and healing, soothing too at the same time as I loved his energy. I love Arron and will surely get a reading done again if I need one. Thank you Arron for giving me so much assurance that I’m on the right path

    L. B, Auckland - May 2021
  • Testimonials for Arron

  • Testimonials for Arron

  • Testimonials for Arron

  • Testimonials for Arron

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