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Reconcile With Your Karmic Soulmate

From working with many Karmic soulmate relationship couples, my spiritual work has developed into a subject area for enabling karmic soulmate partners to reconcile with a past or present partner, whereby the emotional bond between both individuals was unique and not like any other relationship experienced before.

With a partner age gap of at least ten years between both individuals, the karmic bond was strong and the evolution of the relationship to being a long term couple of many years together, was not enabled due to a series of external situations outside of the relationship itself.

Both individuals of the karmic soulmate partnership and their family, friends and work career business related colleagues, did not seem to be able to evolve the relationship to the next stage as a couple via traditional social dating rituals.

A karmic soulmate relationship that created many coincidental situations and misunderstandings for each individual partner and produced two separate individual life paths rather than one life path as a couple of future husband and wife in marriage.

By providing spiritual advice with predictive outcomes for the past life karmic soulmate relationship can the couple reconcile and be the karmic soulmate partnership they were always destined to be.

Blessings, Alexander.

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