Pendragon Psychics & Tarot Testimonials

Testimonial received July 28 2015

Hi Pendragon

, Wow 2 days of having a successive reading from Norah, Ayeleen, Michelle and River. And these psychics all have an amazing consistency and connection to what's going on with the questions that I've asked. Very compassionate readers and very good energy coming from them. Hearing them on the other line was like therapy. I've asked all the ladies about my love life and they were so spot on with how they saw the emotions and complications involved and the style of their readings are very helpful. They don't just read the tarot cards and their meanings. They go beyond that and keep reassuring me to listen to my guides. While River was helping me with the career aspects. They seriously have helped me focused on where I need to put my head in and give me the confidence that I need to push forward. Very talented, lovely and helpful people.

Thank you so much xx


Testimonial received July 27

My reading with River was The Best Ever. Thank you for everything.


Testimonial for Norah 21/06/2015

Had a reading yesterday from Norah she was fabulous!
She gave me hope for my love life, and confirmed what I already kind of knew.
She even through in a few extra tid bits that was uncanny
I'm very sure Norah is the real deal!

Thank you
_ Michelle, Hastings 21/6/2015

Dear Susan,

I am writing to express my deep gratitude to Pendragon and your readers. I have been getting readings to help me through various stages in my life. Currently I am going through a very difficult time. I have found the readers at Pendragon incredibly supportive, and humane. This company has the very best to offer in psychic and Tarot readers. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs clarity in their lives.To all of the talented readers at Pendragon who have helped me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. What you do truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

Sincerely Jennifer

Just had a reading from Lucina, OMG she is amazing! She knew about things before I even asked. I look forward to everything unfolding _ M

The last 0900 call tonight was from C.

She rang in to say 'thank you' Michelle she won her case & our predictions were right.

Please let Debra know also. 

"knowing we were there for her if she needed to talk meant she could go to bed & sleep at night."

Dear Michelle,

Just wanted to touch base to say a BIG thank you so much for all your wisdom and advice to date. It has really helped me over the past 2 years, and I am very grateful. You never doubted our relationship and always had such wonderful advice!

I always enjoy talking with you - just wish it could be for longer sometimes!! 
Best wishes - A.M.

Thank you Susan 'I don't know who you are connected to on the other side, but my God are you connected.  I virtually only got off the phone from you and I found out the "secret" that you said I would find out. I knew then everything else you had said was true (I was hoping you were wrong because it wasn't really what I wanted to hear). It was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders, and for that I am thankful'.

TT, Wellington.

"I have been working with Michelle for over two years on an as and when needed basis"

Michelle has provided me with guidance and support in some really challenging times. 
What I liked about Michelle’s approach was that she was able to articulate her messages for me in a clear and concise manner so I had a clear sense of direction and confirmation I was on the right track & a clear idea of what I needed to do or not do as the case may be!!

Michelle was particularly helpful and supportive and encouraging when I made the decision to move my family from shakey Christchurch and start a new life in a new city.
At times I was consumed with fear and doubt for my survival, but Michelle kept me focused on the positive, she was my “Rock of Hope”. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed with my choices and wanted to give up, but a quick check in with Michelle to reaffirm I was on the right track and I would feel hopeful about the future again.
She has the ability to provide a unique insight into a situation, so that I could see the benefits of that situation and how that experience could be supportive going forward. 
Her advice was sound and grounded in the economic reality of working to support a family. 

Michelle is a skilled and talented medium, she will help you gain clarity and give meaning to whatever you may be experiencing. I like to think of her as a guiding light and a beacon of hope during what were some moments of great uncertainty for me. Working with Michelle has been a really positive and affirming experience. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make some constructive if somewhat challenging (or really scary) life choices. Michelle will be gentle and honest with you - you couldn’t be in safer hands. 
Said with love and respect MLR

I would just like to thank you first for giving me the opportunity to speak with Michelle

When I first spoke to Michelle, she gave me an insight to my life's process.
With this I was able to have a clear vision, so that I could have realistic expectations and goals for myself.

She has been a real gem supporting me through a very difficult situation.
The guidance she has given me is invaluable, in order to keep me together.

Thank you F W Christchurch

Michelle & Pendragon have provided a great deal of confidence & guidance to me."

D.S Auckland

The Power of Michelle's healing and energy work has been tremendous.
I have spoken to her several times and will continue to talk with her in the future.

Thank you Michelle

I would like to especially thank Nathan for being so patient and explaining things so clearly. He is very accurate. Before I even mention the personality of the person who is dragging my life,

Nathan immediately knew the kind of person she is and offered gentle and non - intrusive advise to work around the situation that was so tangled because of that one person. You have helped me to see the spiritual world differently after talking to you.

Thankfully Yours LL 

Please pass on my gratitude to Susan, I have had several tarot card readings from her and she was so accurate as to my situation and how I should navigate things. She also gave me timely warnings about those I could trust and those I couldn't which saved me a hell of a lot of grief. I couldn't have done things with out her guidance. I am now a firm believer in the tarot, she was worth every cent. 


Hi Susan,

here is my story

I spoke to a reader late last year regarding a man who was showing some interest. She said that whilst the man was certainly looking he was not in good shape. I enquired 'when' someone might appear for me in a romantic way? She predicted that I would connect with a man who wasn't yet in New Zealand, that he was in the same line of work but in the role of a student and that she thought I would meet him late summer. I asked about his skin colour she said brown. 

Early March I met a brown skinned man who asked me out the following week. That same week a man that I knew introduced me to a foreigner because were in the same line of work. He is from Europe and he has brown skin. We had already noticed each other and after the introduction I invited him out and we have been seeing each other since.

W from Auckland

Thank you Susan 'I don't know who you are connected to on the other side, but my God are you connected.  I virtually only got off the phone from you and I found out the "secret" that you said I would find out. I knew then everything else you had said was true (I was hoping you were wrong because it wasn't really what I wanted to hear). It was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders, and for that I am thankful'.

TT, Wellington.

Confirmation of the contract came through, just as you predicted, and thanks for giving me advice about how to get the upper edge, it was like having insider information _ scarily correct. Thanks for bringing my Mum through as well _ I wasn't expecting that, and I knew it was her because you said "rose coloured spectacles" Mum always used to say that when she knew we had been up to no good.

GS, Queenstown

I have had the great pleasure of a reading from Debra. I am in no-doubt of her gifts! She brought through my loved ones in Spirit and she connected with my guides to give me messages of hope, support and love.

Thank you Debra for answering all my questions. I feel truly blessed to have met such a kind-hearted person and gifted medium.

With light, S B.

Thank you Debbie for the amazing reading you gave me. You truly are the real thing, and you have helped me greatly to understand where I should be heading,

Your reading was more like a transmission of the truth, than any other reading I have had before, which made it so much more special.

S. Auckland

Another testimonial for Corey. Corey was instrumental in encouraging this client to seek the help she needed.

Dear readers, I was in pain for 5 months despite frequent visits to the GP and being told what I was experiencing was normal signs of a infection and being given just antibiotics when I became even more persistent didnt help my situation, I was struggling with my relationship and suffering in all aspects of life but no one seem to care.

I met Corey and he was non judgemental no matter what I told him, during one reading I told him at I was in pain on my side which seems to be getting worse and the antibiotics that the doctor gave is not helping it, I told him I can't sleep because it hurts and I am bleeding everyday, he told me it is something I should act on immediately because it is not nothing like the GP said but something serious, he suggested I go to the a and e straight away, alarmed but knowing in my heart he was right I went,

I was approached the reception at Auckland Hospital who didn't even look up from her paper work and said I am not a nurse you have to speak to the on triage nurse, there were 3 nurses there who were talking among them selves, I went back to the reception and leaned further forward and said excuse me 3 times before she even bothered responding to me, she didn't lookup and said the nurse will be with you soon go and wait at the far counter, I waited at the far counter and no one came, so I went to the middle counter the nurse had just finished talking to a patient and I approached her and told her I was in pain and needed to see a doctor, she took my details and told me to have a seat, after 3 hours of waiting I went up to the grumpy receptionist and asked her long would I have to wait, to which she responded "long", I persisted on and said can I have a time indication she said 6 hours,

I got the idea that she really didn't want me being seen and just wanted me to leave, because of her rise voice I felt embarrassed and walked away, I was there alone I knew I knew I couldn't go back home because I was flatting with a 82 year old lady and no way she could look after me and I told my self I am just going to end up vomiting and having a sleepless and painful night if I walk away, so went and set down, distraught and hurt, I started to cry silently,

I was alone and in pain and bleeding from the inside, I called Corey, I needed a friend to talk too, he listened and told me to march up to the counter tell the mole I was in pain and suffering and it was getting worse, and she is there to serve me, feeling empower ed I marched myself up to the counter, know this much I hate confrontation, I went up to her and said look it is four hours, my pain is getting worse , she said you just have to wait like everybody else,

I said you do know I am bleeding, she said well go and tell the nurse, I was dealing with a horrid woman, still empowered I went up to the nurse and told her, she took me for a blood test , during which I told her that I bleed daily, have very bad pelvic pains , in short I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had a 3cm cyst on my left ovary that was hemorrhagic and causing me pain, thanks to Corey I got the immediate medical attention I needed and now I am going through the medical process to get the cyst drained so I can live a normal pain free life, Corey has also empowered me to make changes in my life that will give me happiness and with his support I am moving forward after being trapped for 5 years, I cant express how thankful am to Corey,

I don't think of myself as a good person but Corey has supported and believed in me to change my way of life and helped me see I can do it on my own and be a better person through it, he never judged me but was a true friend tha listened and gave unbaised advice.Thank you Corey you are a true friend. _ SR

At the height of turmoil I called your line to see if there was 'something' out there that could provide me some insight and direction. I already know this is a time of change for me, ever since I learnt Reiki, my energy has been quite scattered and while I love it, I'm a bit heartbroken to add to the mix.

Corey was like an angel sent, as the expression goes. I scribbled down a few points but stopped halfway through as I was so taken with what was being said. Things started to make sense like pieces in a jigsaw going together, things I hadn't considered but yet I have been aware of the changes taking place. I am about to quit my job and move town without another job or home, I need to leave this grind, but have seen no way out of it. I guess avoiding the stress of moving has been a factor, yet Corey assured me that things would happen quite quickly and fast, and lots of things that seem to go wrong, are going to work out for the best in the long run.

All of the signs have been there pointing for me to move but yet I have held off. Now at least I feel I can face the dramas that I know are going to take place, because it will be ok in the end. Corey, thank you for taking the time to connect with me, you have no idea how much you really have helped. Almost a week later, I'm more settled. Nervous about the changes I know are coming, but in a way I'm now a little excited too. There's a chance I may be able to reconnect with the guy I adore, if not, that's ok too.

Corey described the situation near perfect. Thank you.

I love this idea of donating, it's awesome!! I would love it, if you could donate to the SPCA from me.

Hello Pendragon

Itʼs about time I sent a couple of new testimonials as the girls are doing such a fantastic job as usual and everyone should know how good they are. If you are in a position to make a donation I would love it if you could put it toward the child cancer charity.

I rang Pendragon psychics to get some clarity over a couple of career decision I needed to make. She quickly gave me gave me a clear picture of what each option would led me. I now have a wonderful job that I love and that I may not have had the confidence to apply for prior to speaking to you

Wow. What a reading. This woman is so accurate its scary. I was amazed at the insights. She cut right to the core of the problem and very clearly identified where things were at. As a result, I could see everything much more clearly and made better choices about how to handle things. Thanks for everything

Linda J

I had a wonderful reading with last night and I wish to thank her for the honest and caring nature in which she talked about my problem. She confirmed for me what I already knew to some degree. I know now that I have the strength to carry on and do what I feel is the right thing to do, despite what others may feel or think about my decisions. I look forward to my next reading with her, and I will be sending another testimonial to you, just to let you know how things turn out. Thank you again.

Deb, Qld

I would like the donation sent to the starlight foundation please.


Some time ago you predicted that I would be invited to share 'close but safe personal space' with someone that I work with but in an environment where some one my status would be frowned upon. I was invited into this person's home to choose and borrow resources and more recently I was offered this person's office if I needed to use it after hours. I like this person and whilst I sense he likes me the 'safety' that your reader referred to has meant that I can work with this person without fear, complication and confusion.

Thank you W

Thank you Pendragon!  I immediately felt comfortable discussing my issue and found the reader to be compassionate and caring, but practical.  She has given me the confidence to face the situation knowing that although there will be challenges there are many positives for the upcoming year.  Thank you very much.