Pendragon Psychics & Tarot Testimonials

Testimonial for Norah, received 14/10/15

Norah provided me with accuracy and understanding in her reading, and provided honest feedback to a number of situations. I find her manner caring and encouraging.


Testimonial for River 2015-09-25

River is an excellent reader - very happy with her readings good advice and nice approach.

Thanks C

Testimonal for Norah 2015-09-24

I want to say a verybig thank you to Norah for her understanding and accurate reading of my situation and her calm and reassuring energy. She has encouraged me to trust my heart and and be true to myself. Her practical advice regarding my relationship was insightful and proved to be exactly what was needed. Her encouragement has been such a help to me at a time of big changes in my life when i have struggled to keep positive. I can honestly say that I trust Norah completely, she is honest and genuine. Thankyou again xx

E P 24/09/15

Testimonial for Norah 2015-09-23

I would highly recommend Nora to anyone looking for insight into their situation. She gets straight to the point and knows what she is talking about and tells you things that only you know.

I am blown away by her readings, she is a top reader and truly talented. She is my guide when life gets tough.

Testimonial for Aline  7/09/2015

I contacted your site in a moment of complete and utter turmoil in my life and thank goodness I did because it was a very significant turning point and defining moment for me.

I spent some time with Aline. At first just chatting and pouring out and it is what I needed. I found her voice very calming and soothing and she was so beautifully patient with me at the time as I was extremely emotional with everything I was going through at the time.

Aline really touched my heart with her gentle guidance. But also – she was BANG on with everything that was going on with me. I felt completely locked in and connected with her and very safe and secure in the knowledge that she was the right person for me to speak to.

In fact, the reading I had with her the first time prompted me to call back whilst I was going through my turning points. What she did for me was very grounding and she gave me the confidence and assertiveness to get my life back on track. She put me back together so to speak, which also then put my family back together and has made me and my family stronger and even more deeply connected because of it. She helped me clean out areas of my life that needed cleaning out and allowed me the emotional release that I needed. She felt like the dearest friend and nurturing mother and confidant I needed right in the most devastating storm of my life – I was in the thick of it and that was A LOT going on. But Aline took it all in her stride and gave me the peace, love and understanding and guidance that I needed. I can only say, she saved me and my family and I am forever grateful for her loving and nurturing manner. I am forever grateful for what Aline has done for me as an individual and for my family. Truly, deeply grateful. I will not forget her loving guidance and her connection with spirit.  She is a wonderful woman. She has experienced her own turmoil and so we could relate. I highly recommend you spend some time with Aline. Right from the start – it’s her calming voice that lets you in and allows you the time and space to breath and let your spirit guides speak and connect through her. She has a beautiful way of putting things across – even when it’s something difficult to hear, she has a very compassionate way of speaking to you to help you through whatever you are going through. I am forever grateful for connecting with Aline.

H 7/09/2015

Testimonial for Norah 7/09/2015

I was blown away by Norah.

Not only firstly by her calming and very soothing voice which I felt was genuinely compassionate and loving… but by her ability to listen from the heart and connect with me when I was deeply embedded in my turmoil, in my storm of emotions and tears.

I was broken and deeply hurting and Norah pulled my head up out of the water so that I went from drowning in emotional turmoil to climbing back up on the life raft that was there waiting for me. It was if she was the hand waiting for me to grab on to and she pulled me up out of the raging sea. As soon as I grabbed on to her hand, she pulled me into the life raft and the sea went from storm to calm. It started with her voice. I connected with her heart and felt as if we knew each other and perhaps on a soul level, that is the way of it. This happened with in minutes of connecting with her over the phone.

Norah instantly saw things going on with me that NO one possibly could - things that were deeply embedded within me that had happened throughout my life. This was instant. She connected with me in a way that no one else has and was able to guide me not only on a clairvoyant level. Norah was able to guide me in terms of where I was at with my health and stress and lack of sleep and attention to giving my body sustenance. What it did for me is allowed me to look at myself and my life from another perspective. She showed me that I had not been taking care of myself (and I knew this on some level) but the way in which she approached it, she knew she could, because I am naturally a person who keeps fit and healthy and takes the right holistic care of myself when I need to. I had never been guided this way before. It was as if she reached in and found that person who was missing beneath the surface of all the layers of trauma that had been going on with me for the past 7 months.

I am truly, deeply grateful for meeting Norah over the phone as I have called back and spoken with her again for further guidance and she has been able to realign me in a very soothing way, in times of need. I feel she knows me now and I have made a friend who can be straight with me (not beat around the bush) and I can listen to her. There are not many people who I can listen to so I am grateful I have found someone who I can listen to.

Norah is able to reach into you and nourish you from within with her insight.. Sometimes this is exactly what we need in order to get to the core issue of what is going on with us. She did that for me and she made me face and deal with historical issues. She does not make you put a plaster over your life by giving you a few nice words to get you going for the day - no, she makes you deal with issues that will have a long term positive affect on you and your life on a bigger scale, from a bigger perspective, but only where YOU are concerned, where YOU are the most important person. She truly cares for you and what is going on with you and it makes it such a pleasure to be able to connect in this way with someone who gives you that peace, love and understanding and reassurance in times of need and let's face it - we all need it sometimes. 

Norah is very respectful of you and she listens from the heart. She is straight up and will not mix words. She has a gentle but firm way of getting a message across which I respect and appreciate. She's not telling you what she thinks you WANT to hear. She's telling you what you NEED to hear and what spirit NEEDS you to hear and sometimes those words can seem harsh and hard to swallow but she will tell you what comes through because it's for the good of you and your well-being, long term.

I am forever grateful for her loving guidance and for what she has helped me with in what seems like the biggest storm of my life !

H xxx

Testimonial for Norah

I am going through so rough stuff at the moment. Norah is comforting, sensitive and offers realistic advice. Thank you My Dear. I always feel stronger from talking with you.

 JB 27/08/2015

Two more testimonials this week, about our talented readers Norah and Michelle. Did you know that for every testimonial we receive, we donate $25 to an animal charity such as Bird Rescue or Little Acres Rescue Animals (LARA).

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Testimonial for Michelle received 21/08/2015:

 I want to acknowledge Michelle fully. She is indeed genuine, sincere and accurate. The questions posed to her were extensive, without reservation and spanned all facets of my life. Michelle dealt with each aspect in detail and provided an excellent appreciation of everything. It was exceptionally good because some of the information fed no one else knew except me. Thank you so much and this is an unequivocal expression of thanks from heart and soul. Accordingly Michelle is endorsed and recommended to the world, whomever requires spiritual, true hindsight, insight as well as foresight.


Michelles Testimonial received 14/08/2015:

I had a reading with Michelle tonight and it was very raw and genuine.

She gave me so much clarity and her compassion is unbelievably refreshing. It was a very detailed and in-depth reading and I have to say that was the longest I had with any psychics that I've ever spoke to. She was really honest and constructive and her words really hit home.

She was being very patient with each of my questions and though I confused myself with her response, still she has been very sweet but still hitting the nail.

She's one of those very few readers that you know you can always TRUST and that will give you what you needed to hear so that it will make your situation better and move into a positive direction.

Thank you so much Michelle you enabled me to stay calm, trusting and continue believing that the universe is listening and responding to the good and real intentions that we put out.

You are amazing and your positive energy is contagious. Our conversation means a lot to me as it makes me see things coherently and feels serene within myself.

Please continue to shine. 
You are a star. 
Hugs! X


Norahs Testimonial received 17/08/2015:

Just want to write a small but extremely big thanks to Norah. Her guidance and accurate readings have been amazing. She has helped me during a difficult time. If you want a trustful honest and accurate reading I truly recommend Norah x

_ D.R

Testimonial received 3 August, 2015

Hi, I would just like to say how fantastic River is.

Her readings are spot on.

River told me to go along to this auction and against all odds of buying this property that day it came true and we live in this property today.

River has been spot on about my new job, even to the day and how a friend would contact me for the job and they have.

River has also been helpful with family matters. The list goes on. Even our new dog.

River is the right person for any reading. I strongly recommend her.

Regards Charmaine

Testimonial received 1 August, 2015

My reading from Norah was awesome. She is sensitive and accurate. We covered work in detail spanning the immediate and future. From there information was shared about me, love life and prospects. I recommend her if you are looking for authenticity, accuracy and understanding.


Testimonal received July 29 2015

Hi Pendragon,

I had to write to you guys, simply because you have gathered the few best psychics in town.

I had reading with Norah today and she was simply AMAZING. I was wanting validation from her regarding what I was already thinking. But she has given me so much than what I have asked for and continually blew me away with all the info that she saw in me that I don't even tell people. From my health to my family to my job. And She uplifted my spirit knowing that I'm in the right track though it's a bit of a mess on the surface of my situation. But gave me affirmation that it will get better. She is truly a genuine psychic and now felts like a true best pal that you can tune into. She has given me so many good suggestions on how to improve my health and it feels really good to know that there are people with their talents and gifts - like her who are using it to an honest cause.

Thanks Norah - you are seriously accurate, you have given my spirit a boost and uplifted my confidence and strength. YOU are a GIFT

xx MT, Christchurch